Commercial Solar Lighting Designed for Parking Lots

Are there any areas in your parking lot that are difficult to light at night? If you have a large driveway or parking lot, it's best to have something that brings light to those dark corners that are hidden away. At Superior Lighting, we offer a range of commercial solar Lighting products that illuminate even the deepest part of the parking lot, allowing you to walk around easily and see what's in front of you without fear! These lights not only illuminate your outdoor area at night, but also improve the safety of your home or business.

Popular commercial solar lighting for car parks

Solar LED safety sports light - 1500 lumens

These sophisticated LED safety motion sensor lamps have weather resistance and time and distance detection Settings that can be mounted on walls or even rods.

The solar-powered LED safety sports lamp comes with three headlights and adjustable sides, allowing maximum coverage.

These safety sports lights are solar-powered, which means they cost very little, which will save your electricity bill and provide another layer of security for your property.

These security lights feature more than 180 bright 1500 lumen LED lights and provide 30 feet of coverage. Since the lights have the ability to charge during the day, they can cover your property overnight.

Installing these dual LED lights is simple, and no wires can catch you where you don't need them. These LED lights are adjustable to provide coverage anytime, anywhere. Simply attach the light to the wall or bar and adjust as needed.

These lights can be used to increase security in the following areas:
The parking lot
Driveway and parking
Solar LED light from dusk to dawn

This solar LED dusk to dawn light is perfect for commercial parking for a variety of reasons. This is not only dusk to dawn light, providing 8 to 10 hours of continuous light in the late afternoon, but also an integrated motion sensor that provides additional security. During normal night use, the lights will dim, but if motion is detected, the lights will brighten up to illuminate large areas, such as parking lots.

The lights are waterproof and wireless because they are solar-powered and can be installed almost anywhere.

If you're worried about brightness, you'll be glad to know that these lights are super bright, between 1,000 and 5,000 lumens, and are powered by multiple persistent leds.

Finally, customers will appreciate the standard five-year warranty for commercial LED solar lamps.

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