Are Candles Safe? Safety Tips and Alternatives to Burning Candles

While we love the elegance of traditional candles, are they really safe? You might want to start thinking about some LED alternatives.
Candles have been around for more than 5,000 years. They were one of the main sources of light for most of those years, but since the invention of the incandescent lamp, candles have been used in many different ways. From emotional lighting to emergency lighting, to ritual lighting, and even to adding odors to a room (among countless other USES), candles are still widely used in our daily lives.

Is it safe to burn traditional candles?

Are traditional candles safe to burn?
Despite the myriad USES of candles, we still have to ask: are candles safe? Some aspects of candles can hurt us.

Fire danger

Candles fire!
The most obvious concern around candles is that they are set on fire, which makes it possible for unattended candles to cause serious damage - even death in the most extreme cases. Most people who regularly use and enjoy candles are aware of this, but accidents happen. A child or pet might bump into a table, and then turn over the candle, and you might accidentally fall asleep when the candle is lit, or just leave the house while the candle is still burning, because life can have a negative effect.

Candles in glass jars and other containers

Broken glass
People don't always consider candle holders, but the type of container a candle burns in poses a potential hazard. The most obvious, of course, are containers that burn easily; You don't normally buy candles from shops in flammable containers, but homemade candles can get into this area.

What you might find in a store are glass containers, and while they are not flammable, they are not completely safe. Glass containers may break and break due to heat from the flame, which may lead to cutting and exposure of the flame to the outside components of the glass. This fracture usually occurs when the glass is heated unevenly, for example when the glass is not centered or burns too close to the glass for too long.

Tea lamp containers can also be a problem because the metal casing is short and the wick gets longer and burns more strongly as the wax melts and evaporates. This can cause damage to the external container, depending on the material in the container - it can be flammable or broken. Since people tend to pay less attention to the holders of the tea lamps they use, and more to the aesthetics they get from them-something is bound to go wrong.

Are candles poisonous? Consider indoor air pollution

Candles cause pollution
Although not common, another possible hazard of candle use is the toxic chemicals released into the air when candles are burned. Those true-looking candle odors may harm you and your family with carcinogenic toxins. With this knowledge, it may be time to reconsider your candles in your home and start looking for other options.

Non-toxic and safe candle alternatives: non-flame LED candles

Although candles are useful in many aspects of our lives, they are not safe. Fortunately, with the development of lighting over the past 100 years, there are many alternatives to candles, no matter what you need - including real, non-flame LED candles that can replicate real candles.

The candle classification
In addition to replacing some of the very common shapes, sizes and styles of candles, there are many other options for flameless LED candles:

LED the tea
Tea lights are popular because they have many different USES, such as Halloween lanterns - lanterns, party lanterns, table centerpieces, or just adding a little color to the room where the candlestick is decorated. In addition to the safety concerns mentioned above, tea lamps are difficult to light because they are usually in containers that are too tall or clumsy to light easily with matches or lighters.
Now you can get flameless LED tea lights, from economical LED lights with on/off switches to remotely operated lights that can be turned on remotely. These are not only safer than ordinary tea lamps, but also easier and more convenient.
LED taper candle
To enjoy a romantic evening dinner, an elegant atmosphere and special ceremonies, conical candles must be used. These long candlesticks are most valuable because of their durability, when candles were a requirement for nighttime lighting, but now they are more suitable for performance. Whatever your reason, you can find a variety of battery-powered conical candles, whatever you need.
Emergency according to Ming
Many of us always use candles for emergency lighting, such as power cuts. But in an emergency, the last thing you need to do is add another harmful element to the mixture. Consider keeping extra flashlights and other battery-powered lights in your emergency kit instead of candles. In most average power outages, you are unlikely to kill the battery before power is restored. Keep extra batteries in case the power goes out too long, and save candles as a last resort.

The candle security

Safety first
For those who are candle devotees and wish to continue using candles in their homes, it is important to keep them safe for themselves and their families. The national candle association provides us with a list of several candle safety tips to follow, including:

Always keep burning candles within sight. Do not leave them unattended in another room. If you need to leave the room, put out the candle and make sure the wick no longer shines.
Do not burn candles on or near flammable objects.
Do not leave children or pets unattended in a room with burning candles. Keep the candles far away.
Always burn candles in a well-ventilated room and maintain good airflow.
Always use containers/holders for candles.
Trim the wick to 1.4 inches before each use.
Never burn the candle till the end. If it approaches, extinguish and discontinue use.

If you prefer candles for indoor fragrances, consider heating wax. This is a great flameless alternative that can still be decorated and make your home smell pleasant. For any candle or wax heaters you decide to use, be sure to get non-toxic versions, such as beeswax and soy, and perfumes that contain no synthetic chemicals.

There are so many candle safety issues that you might start to think about continuing to use candles and start thinking about adding alternatives to your life. However, for those times when you only want to light candles, always put safety at the forefront and consider switching to non-flame LED candles!

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