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LED lighting is more cost effective to use, reduced energy consumption, and is better for the environment than either standard incandescent or Compact Fluorescent lighting technology. And it's possible that, if correctly used, LED lighting can actually be beneficial to your health.
LEDs contain no Mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin, poisonous to humans and animals, and an environmental contaminant. It's also one of the components of Compact Fluorescent bulbs, which has been widely publicized. It's hard to break an LED, and if you do, it won't contain any Mercury.
CFLs are also notorious emitters of unwanted Radio Frequency (RF) signal. This "noise" or dirty power can interfere with electronic equipment in your home, and has been implicated as a possible cause of a number of health concerns, among them migraine headaches and ADHD in children. LEDs, on the other hand, emit only light when they are in operation.
In terms of carbon footprint, LEDs are clearly the most environmentally friendly choice when comparing them to incandescent and Compact Fluorescent. Because they last so much longer than other light sources, about 30 times longer than incandescent and 4 times longer than CFL, LED manufacture uses fewer resources in terms of energy, materials, and water. They also require less shipping, so produce less carbon in burnt fuel.
All artificial light has an impact on the sleep cycle of human beings. We are by nature diurnal, and out wake-sleep pattern (Circadian rhythm) is regulated by the sun. Because the advent of electric light made our bodies detect sunlight at night, it disrupted the production of Melatonin, a hormone that helps us to sleep at night.
Recent evidence shows that the body is triggered to suppress melatonin production when it is exposed to light at a specific wavelength, one that we see as blue.
Because LED technology allows us to control the spectrum of light that is output very precisely, we can create lighting that will wake us up, or help us to sleep. This technology is already commonly employed in lumatherapy.

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