Three Solar Garden Lighting Ideas You Can Use Tonight

The warm days of summer present many opportunities for outdoor activities and fun in the sun, either at home or away. When at home, you can do things like have a backyard barbeque with family and friends, catch a tan by the pool, or work in the garden. As nighttime falls however, it's usually time to go indoors, unless you have some outdoor lighting in place to illuminate the area.
One good source of light for your landscape at night is solar lighting.
Solar lights are powered by batteries rather than household electrical current. This makes the lights more portable and easier to move around than traditional low voltage lights that require installation of transformers and wire.
While you may wish to put in solar security lights or flood lights as permanent fixtures, portable solar lights are a good choice for decorative purposes. So if you are interested in putting in some portable lights that you can easily move whenever needed, here are three solar lighting fixtures to consider that do not require permanent installation.
Pool lighting
Pool lights powered by solar energy can be floated in a pool, pond, or fountain, perfect for adding a festive flair to your party or barbeque. You can find these lights in a wide variety of colors and styles, which makes coordinating with your other decorations a breeze. Solar pool lights are also great for creating a romantic ambiance for those special occasions. Remember they are solar, so you will need to set them out in the full sun to charge up the battery before you can use them at night.
Portable pole light
A portable solar pole light can be placed wherever you need it to illuminate the seating arrangement or a deck, patio, or porch. It's portable, so you can use it anywhere. Put it in the center of an enclosed patio for overall lighting effect, or set it in a corner to expand the outside area. Wherever you need light, a fully charged solar pole light is right for the task. They are constructed of stainless steel or powder coated steel that is tough enough to weather the elements, so you can keep them outdoors without worry.
Solar lanterns
Solar lanterns are made to hang from a hook or be placed on a table or stand, or even carried along to light the path during an evening stroll through the garden. Solar lanterns add a pleasant charm and warmth any nighttime outdoor activities, but they are surprisingly capable of putting out as much light as a pole, post, or permanent light.

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