Hanukkah Decorations - Best Lights This Holiday!

As the seasons approached and nostalgia flooded in, I thought about my childhood and how I loved celebrating hanukkah. Whether it's the fun of betting on chocolate gels at dreidel, the excitement of opening gifts, the moments of solemnity and calm that light a candle holder, or the joy of spending time with your family, hanukkah has a special place in my heart and I'm sure many of you will do the same.

Known as the festival of lights, there is no better way to celebrate hanukkah than... The lamp! Of course, candlesticks are a big part of the holiday, but there are some more unique ways to decorate this year. Here are some special and fun hanukkah lighting decorations for your celebrations!

Blue light string

Similar to the Israeli flag, blue and white colors are usually associated with hanukkah. These blue light chains will be the perfect home for hanukkah spirit. These are both indoor and outdoor, so they look nice on the leaves outside, even around the doorposts or in silhouette on the living room or bedroom windowsill.

The lights of hanukkah

Star of David lamps

Ten Star of David Light sets is a unique and fun way to prune houses during hanukkah season. Simple to use, the device could be a necessary addition to this year's hanukkah family party. This section of dreidel setup is also a good choice!

Star of David

We all love candlesticks... But what about the "reality" candlestick on the canvas? The decorative Menorah canvas is decorated with a live candlestick, built into the picture of the flashing LED lights. The menorah flame looks alive and gives a peaceful effect. This is a great gift choice for setting the mood for an 8 day celebration!

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