Smart Choices Help You Go Green For The Holidays

Everywhere you turn, single use plastic, energy abusing holiday decorations seem to be sprouting up. It doesn't have to be that way, and if you are a person who is committed to always making the greenest choices possible, the holiday season presents you with a tremendous opportunity to set a good example and be the change you wish to see in the world. Read on to find out how.
In all your holiday decorations and entertaining goods, be sure to make biodegradable, renewable choices. A little effort in either online or in-person shopping will reveal many attractive holiday decorating and table-setting choices in environmentally friendly textiles such as cork and bamboo. While it's best to use cloth napkins and table cloths and real dishes and glassware to enjoy a green holiday, if you are having a large gathering, you may wish to make the next best choice by using entirely recycled paper goods. Remember to recycle as many paper products as possible throughout the holidays.
Avoid plastic at all costs throughout the holidays and every day. This is a pretty tall order in our plastic world; however, you can at least reduce the amount of plastic you use, even if you can't eliminate it altogether. Be sure to recycle any plastic bottles, jars and bags you do use. Avoid using disposable plastic cutlery by using standard silverware or making the novel green choice of using disposable bamboo cutlery or even chopsticks.
Be creative in table decoration by using live plants in pots, evergreen boughs brought in from your own yard and placed in reused vases and other containers of water, locally gathered pine cones and so on. Live plants can be set out in your garden in spring and other natural items can be tossed on your compost heap or into your fireplace when it comes time to dispose of them.
When it comes to choosing a tree, you have several green options. You could choose a live tree and plant it outdoors in the spring. You could choose a standard, organically grown cut tree and then take it to your city's after Christmas tree recycling drive if this option is offered, or you could chip it up and add it to your compost. You could choose an artificial tree made of recycled materials or reuse a thrift store or garage sale tree. Reusing older items like this is a green choice in that it prevents new the manufacture of more artificial trees and it keeps that old tree out of the landfill.
Make the green energy choice when it comes to lighting by choosing LED lighting for indoors and investing in solar powered holiday lighting for outdoors. Just as with regular holiday lighting products, these can be used year after year, but they will save you money in terms of energy costs and make a great green energy holiday statement to one and all.
As green technology develops and more and more people are making a conscious effort to make environmentally conscious choices, the possibilities for adding a green touch to every aspect of life become greater and greater. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to sort the green choices out from the massive glut of cheap, plastic, energy guzzling holiday choices that are foisted upon us for the two months preceding Christmas every year. By taking your time and sticking to your principles, you can find green alternatives and enjoy a green holiday season.

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