Set the Mood With Lighting

The holiday season will be upon you shortly, beginning with Halloween, and you will see lots of spooky lighting including, strobe and black lighting. Candles and flashlights in carved pumpkins add to the fun and scary atmosphere for big and little goblins. You can change the light bulbs in your chandeliers and table lamps, replacing them with specialty lights for your indoor parties using what light sources you already have. To enhance your decor, add some cute Jack 'O Lantern mini shades for your chandeliers that have uncovered lights.
Thinking ahead for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukah family feasts, you can begin planning how to add special lighting for your home. Dimmers are available for all incandescent lighting, but you need special dimmer fixtures for CFL's, which are available at home centers. Of course, your local electricians can help you bring your home up to date in the lighting department.
If changing out your light switches isn't possible at this time, you can achieve a similar softer look with lighting by reducing the wattage of the existing bulbs in your lamps and chandeliers. Going down in wattage isn't a problem, but going over the recommended maximum is dangerous; you don't want to create the potential of a house fire. Your local home centers have a large selection of light bulbs, and you an stock up on low wattage bulbs just for mood lighting.
Candle light has long been a favorite for soft lighting at the dining table, but sometimes it is not quite enough for comfortable dining; adding some low wattage bulbs to recessed lighting will help as well as keeping the mood intimate.
While having a table set with candles is lovely, sometimes they interfere with passing around all those favorite dishes, so keep them to a minimum and add auxiliary lighting around the dining area with table and even floor lamps, carefully placing them out of the traffic patterns, yet close enough to aid visibility. It is a good idea to try out some of these options well before your holiday parties to make sure that they will give you the desired effect.

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