Top 3 Questions People Ask About Warehouse LED Lighting

One way to convince leds that the best lighting option for warehouse applications is to tell you why metal halides aren't the best: metal halides are popular because they're bright and reliable, but they don't save energy or turn on instantly. Here's what people want to know before installing LED lights in storage locations:

1. Are leds as bright as metal halides?
Not only can you buy leds that are as bright as metal halides, you can also buy leds that produce as bright as metal halides and use less energy. Metal halides are very bright lights, that's why people like them. However, metal halides tend to be very bright at first and then quickly reduce lumens. Metal halides can lose up to 20% lumens in the first six months of operation. Leds tend to have better CRI (color rendering index) than metal halides, which means leds produce better light quality than metal halides.

In addition to their brightness, metal halides are omnidirectional, meaning their light can go in all directions. You must use a reflector to shine the light where you want it. Leds are directional, so you don't need a reflector because the light is exactly where you want it to be.

2. Is the LED provided in the color I want?
LEDS have been around for more than 50 years, but the development of "white" LEDS means replacing other white lights, such as Metal Halide and Fluorescent, which is new. When leds first became commercially available, the lamps in the bluer spectrum were cheaper, so people bought them. However, you can buy leds in warm and cool color temperatures - it only depends on the type of light you need. For warehouse locations, a cooler light temperature is usually required. Pay close attention to leds with CCTS between 4,000 and 5,000K.

Are leds worth the cost?
First things first: leds aren't as expensive as they used to be. You can buy high-canopy lamps for $150- $200, which is similar to traditional high-canopy lamps. However, with the purchase of LED high-canopy lamps, you will get more benefits than metal halide or fluorescent lamps, such as longer life, direct rather than omnidirectional light, and reduced energy consumption.

To determine whether LED lighting is worth installing in your facility, consider the following factors:

How long do you run the lights every day?
How much money can you save by installing leds?
Remember: most money is spent on electricity. So, if you can reduce the amount of power the facility USES, you can reduce the cost!

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