Solar Powered LED Light Fixtures: Do They Really Work?

Integrity, product expertise, quality and competitive prices are four of the many qualities that have kept premium lighting going since 1978 and will keep us going for years! We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and lighting products to our growing customer base! One of the fastest growing parts of our business is solar LED lighting. Below we will explain the benefits of these lamps and offer some product options to meet your needs if you are looking to upgrade some of your existing lamps.
Why use LED lights?

This question is often asked, but there may not be an easy answer. LED lamps are energy efficient, saving about 50 percent more electricity than other incandescent bulbs.

After a short time of use, LED lights will not be "burned out". Instead, they fade over time, giving you hints that they need to be replaced, but they have an average life span of 8,000 to 10,000 hours, compared with 1,000 hours for a standard incandescent bulb. So you can spend less time and energy changing the light bulb over and over again.

Leds can operate at low and high temperatures, making them ideal for any desired location. Installed on circuit boards and connected to welded leads instead of glass, these lamps last longer and last longer.

When some lights take a few seconds to peak, the LED lights light up immediately when they are first turned on. For most incandescent bulbs, the more they are turned off and on, the more faded they become. But no matter how many times leds are turned off, their lifetime is usually unaffected, making them ideal for motion sensors.

Leds have virtually no infrared, radiant heat or ultraviolet radiation, reducing the risk of burning people and other materials. Being able to see the different quality and efficiency of LED lights will help you find the best choice for the right LED lights for your facility or home.
What are the benefits of buying LED lights from quality lighting?

Superior lighting offers you the advantages of a variety of solar lamps. These lights are very effective because they are pollution-free and do not produce greenhouse gases when installed. They are also not dependent on foreign oil or fossil fuels. Once installed, they require little maintenance because they last for years.

These are just some of the advantages of using solar lights in your home, business or industrial facilities.

One of our most popular solar LED lamps is our MINI LED solar wall lamp. These easy to install, low maintenance mini LED solar lights are perfect for your porch, back yard, garage or installation along the way! They last a long time, and you don't even have to worry about changing the batteries, because the sun will apparently charge you every day! led lights,solar lights,led strip lights,Deck Lights,WIFI Deck Lights,WIFI LED Strip Go to Homepage
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