Outdoor Lighting - Comes in Many Forms

Outside lighting can take on many forms. There is some forms that are geared solely toward security and some that is geared purely toward decoration.
It is a great option to highlight your yard and to secure your property.
Security Lighting
Lighting is very important for security reasons. A well lit area alone can dissuade a burglar or other unsavory type from approaching a home. There are a couple of options for outdoor security lighting.
Motion sensor lighting. This type of lighting stays in a perpetual standby readiness state. The fixture is equipped with a motion sensing device that will turn the light on when anything or anybody enters a preset range, the light also can be set for the length of time it is supposed to stay on after there is motion detected. These are great options for areas that are not necessary well traveled by the occupants but that could pose a security risk.
Dusk to dawn lighting is another favorite security lighting feature. The light has as sensor built in that will turn the light on when it is dusk outside and keep the light on until dawn is sensed and then will turn itself off.
Standard security lighting is hard wired directly into the homes electrical supply and are usually controlled by a switch inside the home. Flood lights are big lights that sit on the side of homes or in back yards that will flood the area with light with the flick of a switch. These are great for security purposes
Decorative Lighting
Outside lighting can also be purely for decorative purposes. There are all types of decorative options for lighting. Decorative lighting is usually placed along paths or steps, they can also be placed around gardens to highlight the garden area. This type of lighting is more used to draw attention to something than to light anything up or to prevent potential burglary. Decorative lighting is often solar lighting that does not require any source of power other than the sun. Some decorative lighting is rather whimsical and is shaped like flowers or the light can be hidden in a rock so as not to disturb the natural landscape.
Outside lighting is very popular especially in suburban areas, in rural areas it is a necessity. The cost is relatively low and the results can be dramatic. For security purposes outside lighting is a must have.

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