Solar Lighting Technological Advances

For several years now we have seen solar being used widely for outdoor lighting and of course these systems have and continue being engineered out of plastics. Older models and some newer models are still using low powered bulbs which unless you are using them in complete darkness do not really put out much light but instead offer just enough contrasting light to allow you to make out any possible trip hazards. Most of these lighting systems use what is commonly known as Zenon bulbs that come in a number of various colors and allow users to employ them as accent lighting more so than lighting that actually allows you to clearly see what you are doing in the dark. The problem with many of these systems is if you have large pets or children that play in areas where you have these lights located it takes very little to damage them and once broken they typically end up in our landfills which adds to an already large plastics overload.
Until recent years, solar lighting systems for indoor use have been practically non-existent and other than the systems you can find for use in RV's or remote cabins that typically do not have grid provided power there really has not been many esthetically pleasing systems introduced to the marketplace. However, technology marches on and there are a handful of companies which are in fact working on this very problem. Surface mounted lighting fixtures with plug-n-play solar charging and battery systems are in fact becoming available offering far greater illumination capacities while at the same time keeping the power requirements very low so that solar options can energize them very easily. The same systems that are used for lighting up your yards, walkways, stairs can now also be expanded to lighting up your interior areas with very brightly lit LED's. The outdoor portion of these systems can also utilize motion sensors which of course not only offer you a great security element to their use, but also conserve the energy their solar panels generate allowing them to quite easily maintain power for days at a time.
We here in the US as well as many other technologically advanced countries quite often take something as basic as the availability of lighting for granted while there are many countries around the world who do not have access to clean reliable power enabling them to have this most basic of amenities. There are entire communities around the globe where the only light they have is what they get during the daylight hours unless they happen to be fortunate enough to be able to acquire candles or other fuel based lighting systems such as kerosene, oil or white gas lanterns. Furthermore, without proper ventilation some of these can actually present dangers beyond that of fire hazards as nearly all of them can greatly increase the amounts of carbon dioxide levels within their homes. The lighting systems we now are capable of offering due to their technological advances can break this cycle in a very affordable fashion which would remove the threat of any of these hazards while allowing this most basic of needs to be filled.

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