LED Lighting Benefits for Paper Mills

To continue our industry specific look into why making the change to LED lighting can benefit companies, we’re looking at how paper mills can make lighting improvements. While industrial mills are large spaces, paper mills need a keen and focused eye to create quality product. Using quality products to do so, means using LED bulbs.

The cost of

The paper industry has had some success over the past two decades. With the rise of the Internet, putting content online rather than in print, transferring data to electronic files and running paperless businesses, not everyone can go out unscathed. This is understandable when we consider the importance of conservation (LED lighting promotes itself in its own way). But we still need paper, we just need to improve the way we produce it.

This is why paper mills need to ensure lower costs than many other industries. Fortunately, LED lighting also helps. Initial installation costs for leds can be kept to a minimum by retrofitting old buildings and plug and play for new ones. However, once installed, they last longer, produce more and are more cost-effective, which means money can be saved.

The quality of

The competitiveness of the paper production industry and its efficient demand, one thing can not change is the quality of the product. This means creating as much paper as possible from recycled materials and producing it as efficiently as possible.

Using fresh paper products made from wood chips, lighting needs to be correct. The debris is treated in an acid bath, which is then washed away during pulp production. Paper mills need strong lighting to ensure that products meet the right standards. Because the machines used to make this product are so large, they need a lot of space to accommodate them. Using high-shed LED lighting, you can ensure that these Spaces are filled without losing any power. In the long run, lumen depreciation is much smaller than its fluorescence and metal halide predecessors.

Use recycled paper, which is probably more important. The process of treating recycled paper needs to ensure that any impurities are removed. LED lighting is being implemented, especially for maintenance and troubleshooting. This is because LED lighting can provide powerful detection lighting in a lightweight enclosure.

Whatever method is used to ensure that the paper has the correct dye is essential. With OEO's 1K Ultra series of bulbs, you can achieve extremely high brightness on demand, with a service life of 50, 000 hours and a 60% reduction in energy consumption. The same goes for checking the final product for quality, consistency, watermarking, etc.


Paper mills also have specific safety considerations. Like other large Spaces, the last LED bulb means they need less replacement. They also have higher durability against solvents and harmful substances used in paper mills.

However, one of the biggest safety issues for paper mills is that large quantities of paper are a fire hazard. Leds containing them in this way are less likely to explode than bulbs such as CFLS. As a new technology, their shells are harder to open and they are considered less of a fire risk. That means LED lighting could save paper mills money and livelihoods

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