4 Secrets to Running a Successful Holiday Lighting Business

Below you will find 4 secrets that have taken me years to discover... why I believe you need to know them... and how you can quickly copy my exact formula for success in the holiday lighting business. The best part is there's nothing for you to figure out if you follow my simple plan.
Secret #1: Get Fast Cash
All savvy business owners know cash flow is the single most important part of their business. Without cash your hands are tied, your options limited and, your opportunities closed. It's like trying to walk with your feet tied together... You haven't got a chance.
Getting fast cash when you first start your business is crucial.
Secret #2: Secure Repeat Business
Cash in the bank is great -- it pays your bills and eliminates your debts. But if you want to build a long term successful holiday lighting business, you need high levels of repeat business. Meaning customers who come back year after year. Most successful business owners know that it is easier to cheaper and easier to retain an old customer than to find a new one.
Secret #3: Distinguish Yourself From The Competition
This secret is missed by so many people, yet, it's the most obvious one of all!
The simple fact is, well known companies with solid reputations get paid more money... are most often referred to others... and have virtually no competition. Look around your town at the most successful well known companies. Don't believe for one second they accidentally fell into the role... in nearly every case these companies had a very deliberate plan. Why? Because they knew it would earn them more money! The good news is, it doesn't take anywhere near as long to brand your company as most people think.
Secret #4: Create a Real Business
Making money isn't as hard as many people would have you believe - it's not easy, but once you know how to do it, the process is fairly straightforward. However don't kid yourself...
If your business is NOT built on a solid foundation then it is only a matter of time before you lose it all (happened to me, not once but twice!). I don't mean to sound harsh... but it's the truth. If you don't have real customers... if you don't have business assets... if you're at the mercy of your competition... then you could wake up one day to find your entire business wiped out.
As you can see, these secrets ARE honestly... how many are YOU using?
When you follow these 4 secrets -- You will generate fast cash almost immediately. You will turn your customers in to fanatical repeat buyers. Your holiday lighting business will standout light years ahead of the competition. You will have a real business that puts you in control of your financial future.

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