An Amazing Brand You Can Certainly Trust

The Brite-Strike brand was created by two police officers whose goal was to make a quality LED flashlight that would serve as an effective source of portable light for both police officers and ordinary citizens. The blue dot series of Bright-Strike flashlights is a police officer's friend.
These flashlights put out a brilliant white beam that has the same effect as a flood light. The body of the Brite-Strike flashlight is made of anodized aluminum with a distinctive black finish. It is designed to comfortably fit into the hand by virtue of its tri-sided nature. Another attractive feature of this Brite-Strike flashlight is the large clearance between the pocket clip and the body of the flashlight. This feature helps line officers quickly and easily draw the flashlight from a BDU pocket, duty belt or from a six-pocket police pant. Finally, the Brite-Strike flashlight has a Tactical Touch Switch which enables the police officer to turn the light on and activate all of its modes with one finger or thumb on one hand.
The Brite-Strike brand is also a symbol of quality for two types of special gloves used by police officers and emergency personnel. Brite-Strike Gloves for motorcycle police, called police cycle gloves, have a non-slip leather palm and four light strips over the fingers that can operate for over 35 hours. Two of the strips are blue and two are red, and they can be seen for up to 1/4 mile away. The light strips can be off or they can be set to provide either a fast or slow strobe light flash. Light strips that have reached the end of their operating lifetime can be replaced with new ones.
Brite-Strike Gloves that can help keep traffic police, highway construction crews and highway emergency workers safe at night are also available. Called traffic safety gloves, these are reflecting gloves that have colored, blinking LED lights attached with velcro to the palms and to the back of the hand. There is a standard traffic stop sign sewn into the palm, and it is illuminated with flashing red LED lights that motorists can easily see when the officer directing traffic holds up his hand. The lights are visible for up to 1/2 mile away and last for around 40 hours. Replacement lights are available for these as well. These gloves may help address the growing problem of police officers being struck and killed by passing cars as they direct traffic on dark roadways.

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