Top Notable Inventions of Mankind

Speaking of modern patents and technologies it is hard to say about their importance and real necessity. In fact, most of the unique technics and inventions were made during entire history of humanity that remain essential till nowadays. There is a whole list of discoveries that play an important role in contemporary social livelihood.
1. The appearance of written language is naturally vital to date regardless it was introduced 4 thousand years ago. In previous years primitive humans had nothing but to exchange with gestures and signs to communicate. Therefore, emergence of the first written inscriptions significantly enhanced the development of mankind socially and culturally.
2. Naturally, it is also necessary to note book publishing industry that appeared in the 15th century. It was performed for the first time by Johannes Guttenberg, who is responsible for appearance of movable type machine and, therefore, the start of Renaissance epoch in Europe.
3. Telephone was initially recognized as one of the scientific and technological miracles. Alexander Graham Bell from Boston immediately received the related patent on March 10th 1876.
4. And what about the radio? There are a lot of debates in scientific circles concerning who is the real author of this invention, but most of the historians agree that the honor belongs to Alexander Popov, outstanding Russian inventor. In 1895 he demonstrated a wireless telegraphy apparatus and became the first person to send a telegram to the world, the text of which was composed of two words "Heinrich Hertz." However, the first patent was given to Italian radio engineer Guglielmo Marconi.
5. Thomas Alva Edison is responsible for the entire electricity revolution in global industry and livelihood. In fact, he is an inventor of the first electric lamp in 1879. However, in 1873 Alexander Nikolayevich Lodygin, Russian technologist, invented the first lamp using volfram threads.
6. Thomas Edison has also contributed a lot in the development of cinematography and photography industry. He introduced peep show - the device demonstrating an effect of pictures in motion. It has inspired the Lumiere brothers to create movies. The device was demonstrated in 1891.
7. Microscope device, a pillar of every biology and genetic research nowadays, has appeared in 1590 for the first time. It is associated with work of famous Dutch technologist Sacharias Jansen, engaged in optic studies. In addition, the first investigations on microscope were conducted by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek in the 17th century.
8. And, of course, the Internet! The global network was introduced by Sir Timothy John A�TimA� Berners-Lee in 1989, which nowadays appears to be an essential part in lives of humans. By the way, the "Sir" title was given to him for this very discovery.

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