The Allure of Chandelier Earrings

Just like you have to think about the clothes you're going to wear for a very specific occasion, you also need to think about selecting the right accessories to complement the clothes that you'll be putting on. Accessories, like earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, can make or break your ensemble. You can't afford to over-accessorize because that's a major fashion faux pas. For most formal occasions, chandelier earrings are the general favorite among the accessories because they exude class, elegance and they can immediately attract the attention of the crowd (if that's what you want to happen).
When you picture a chandelier, it's this grand dangling centerpiece in a house, usually sparkly and glittery, that automatically becomes the focal point of the room. Chandelier earrings are so-named because they exhibit the same characteristics as that room chandelier. They're dangling from one's earrings, usually glittery from the array of semi-precious and precious stones, and when worn, usually serve as the main ornament to complete the wardrobe ensemble.
Chandelier earrings are usually made of lightweight materials so that they don't put that much pressure on the ear lobe. Some chandelier earrings are affixed to the ear using a stud (an earring with a backing). Some chandelier earrings have hooks, usually made of a thin wire, that are inserted into the earlobe and left to hang or dangle. They may get heavy when the materials used to design the piece are heavy themselves. For instance, if you use diamonds or other precious stones, and you put many of these stones, then the chandelier earrings will definitely get heavier and won't likely dangle. These expensive and special pieces are usually reserved for more formal occasions to match the elegance and subdued temperament of the design of the pieces.
For less formal occasions, there are chandelier earrings that are more casual. Some may call them costume jewelry because they're made of lesser materials, may be used on a day to day basis and are singularly more affordable than their counterparts. Some may be simple, some may be gaudy but that's the great thing about these earrings. You may wear as different designs as you want depending on the occasion, depending on your clothes, depending on how you feel.
When you're in the mood to look for chandelier earrings, there are many places that you can go to. Department Stores and malls usually have stalls and kiosks that sell many types of earrings. For the more expensive ones, you can also visit jewelry stores. If you really want to have a unique and one of a kind piece, you can even go far as to design your very own. The Internet is a good source of freelance designers that can help you do that. You simply need to have an idea of how your earrings will look like so that the artist can render it using the materials that you specified. This may take longer and may take more out of your pocket but at least you have the distinction of being the only one with that kind of chandelier earrings.

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