A Guide to Buying Contemporary and Traditional Chandeliers

A chandelier is an expensive purchase so it is important to buy wisely when it comes to choosing the appropriate chandelier for your home. Additionally a chandelier will last for many years in fact generations so it is important to bear this in mind when making that important purchase. Here I will set out some guidelines for purchase which hopefully will direct people down the right road.
Choosing the Style of Chandelier
One of the most important aspects is to select a chandelier which matches the style of the property that it is being purchased for. For example if you have a traditional Victorian or Edwardian property then it is important to select a traditional chandelier that fits with the character of the place. Traditional chandeliers are available in a number of styles which have really stood the test of time so will not be considered to be just a fashion accessory that will go out or style in 12 months. Here are a few examples of some of the main types which would be right for a traditional property.
The glass armed chandelier has an array of delicate flowing glass arms either in a profile or twisted design and this type is available in a host of sizes which is largely governed by the number of arms. The size can be as small as a 3 arms chandelier which would be typically 45cm in diameter and ideally suited to bring some real glamour to a small study or bathroom. The sizes then go progressively up to say a 18+12+6 arm chandelier which has 3 tiers which 12 arms on the 2 bottom tiers and 6 arms on the top level. This would typically be 1.3 m in diameter and say 1.8 m high and would be a perfect centrepiece for a grand hall.
Another popular model is the basket chandelier which is ornamented by an array of crystal trimmings to form a closed basket shape which again can come in a multitude of sizes from as little as 25cm diameter to say 2m diameter which would typically be placed in a hotel lobby.
Alternatively the Maria Theresa design of chandelier can be chosen which has a metal frame which is covered in glass to provide an artistic and appealing design. The chandelier is then ornamented with a multitude of crystal trimmings. A key factor in validating the quality for all chandeliers is to look at the lead content of the trimmings as the higher the content the more sparkle you will get from the trimmings. A good quality crystal will be 24% Pbo and the best quality is 31% Pbo.
By contrast if you have a modern design home with current day architecture and contemporary interior design then it is important to choose a contemporary chandelier which has clean and distinctive lines to match the interior design theme of the property. Here it is best to choose a stainless steel or nickel frame which gives a bright clean look which complements well with the glass or crystal. Also it is a good idea to move to the latest technology in illumination and use LED Bulbs to illuminate the chandelier which will not only give a bright crisp light but also save a great deal in electricity.

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