Changing the World With Eco-Friendly Glass Trends

Beauty is in the eye of beholder and change is necessity for life. If change is stunning then it is hard to resist. If you can't change you can't survive; change is the element which keeps you alive. From the start till now everything is changing, we are not living in caves anymore and day by day living style is varying too. Modern architecture has been changed so far and the ways of exterior and interior designing too. Now in architecture and designing glass has become a significant element. A glass can give new look to your architecture and design if you use it expertly. The sleek and stylish looks are not only astonishing but also enhance the decor too.
When you combine colors, texture and glass a master piece will come. Just not only in the doors, windows, partitions and floors, glass is continuously making wonders in the kitchen, bathrooms and showers. In kitchens and washrooms using glass as splash backs, cabinets, mirrors, vanities and kitchen counters makes them environmentally friendly as well as spectacular.
The concepts of textural glass are bit old but still tempting; color fusion and textural pattern are giving life and new dimensions to the glass. The textural glass like profile glass and custom glass are spreading wonders in glass furniture and decor. Moondani glass is the textural glass combining it with techniques like slumped glass, image on glass, etching (Sandblasting) and lamination to highlight the architectural worth of glass. Perhaps in future the basics of moondani glass will help to open new dimension in glass industry by using moondani glass as tiles or skylights. Inprofile and custom glasses the idea of smashing the curves in glass opening a new horizon in textural glass. When bumping the colors or colored glass with them, these can be your ideal choice for balustrades, walls, awnings, furniture and interior decor.
As we know glass can play along beautifully with light to set the perfect theme or mood with the help of colors, so it can be your ride into your dreamland. These can be used as windows, lamps, water features, bench tops and chandeliers to give your dreams a touch of reality. So far custom and profile glasses are seen as an architectural and design backer but with the new technique called optiffuse they are very elegant as functional wares and signage.
This is not the end, the sky is limit and imagination will carry you through. Artists and technicians are playing with glass to make it more affordable and imaginative due to its eco-friendly nature. These new trends are not actually making the future clean, healthy and energy efficient but building the better tomorrow too.

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