2012: The Countdown Has Begun!

As of 9.12.2012 we officially have three months to go to 12.12.2012, the start of birthing of the new age. During the 9 days following 12.12.2012 the Earth and her people will go through the birth canal so to speak, to be reborn into the new age on 12.21.2012. In these 9 days the Earth will "emerge in its Holographic and Light Body form fully as the New Earth" as quoted by Archangel Michael. Humans also will emerge with their Crystalline Light Body ready to embrace the energies of the Golden Age of Aquarius.
What a glorious time for Earth and her people! It has taken 26000 years for us to reach this point, and it's worth celebrating the long journey home! As we leave behind the Piscean Age, we also leave behind duality, pain and suffering, poverty, wars, greed and our ill perceived separation from the Divine. Indeed, we are getting ourselves ready now to embrace Heaven on Earth in all its glory.
The Spiral of Spiritual Evolution is always turning and the moving from the Piscean age into the Aquarian age represents a move from one level of consciousness up to another. Those whom have chosen to ascend into the higher level of consciousness will move with the Earth into what is known as the 5th Dimension. The planet will shed its 3rd Dimensional form and move into its Holographic and Light Body form on the 5th Dimension. Imagine a snake shedding its old skin. The New Earth will be more magnificent that we can ever imagine.
Once in the 5th Dimension we will once again remember how to use our full range of abilities as a Multi-Dimensional being. One of those abilities will be instant manifestation, where we get to align subatomic energy and weave molecules together to create whatever it is we desire.
We came into this Dimension with those abilities intact, but we forgot how to use them. Upon entering this Dimension we passed through a Veil of Forgetfulness which allowed us to experience ourselves as something other than the magnificent beings that we are. We forgot that we are One with Source and All There Is. We forgot that what we do unto others we do unto ourselves. This is what Jesus tried to teach the multitudes when He said "I and my Father are One".
This forgetfulness enabled us to experience ourselves as separate from Source and from each other. The good news is that the Veil is thinning and with each passing day becomes more porous, allowing more and more of the Light to filter through that is helping us to remember who we truly are.
The Golden Age is all about unconditional love, because this is the energy of Source and All That Is. To love unconditionally means to love without judgment or expectation. It means to love with needing anything from anyone and without expecting anything in return.
Open your hearts to each other and to all living things for they are all connected to the One. Love is all you need to ascend into the Golden Age. The pure of heart and the innocent will ascend. This is guaranteed.

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