Brighten Someone's Day With a Solar Gift!

Late spring and early summer is a great time of the year. Days are longer and brighter as the winter becomes a distant memory.
It's also a time of the year where there are lots of celebrations. Father's Day, weddings and anniversaries, and graduations all mean gatherings with friends and families.
No matter the occasion, odds are there's a great solar-powered gift perfect for your special someone.
Father's Day
Forget about another tie!
Most men love gadgets, and new solar technology means means several options.
How about a solar shed light or a solar battery charger for a boat, car, truck or RV?
If your Dad's into gardening, think about solar lighting to accent his favorite part of the landscape. There's also solar-powered pest repellents to keep away the varmints that dig tunnels and destroy bulbs and tubers.
DIY fathers may get a kick out of solar roof or gable vents. Or let him design his own waterfall or pond fountain with solar-powered water pumps.
Weddings and Anniversaries
Lots of us are celebrating wedding bells from today and years ago. Along with solar lighting, think about a special water feature such as a combination bird bath/fountain that's powered by the sun.
Think about giving them a solar lamp for their deck or balcony. Many new solar lamp posts are portable, meaning they can move with a young couple into new homes.
For anniversaries, substitute traditional gifts with special solar products. Give a couple celebrating a silver or gold anniversary a beautiful solar lamp to replace an outdated energy-wasting fixture on an existing solar post. There's an option available for virtually every style home and individual taste.
Say congratulations or welcome to the neighborhood with a special solar accent light or a personalized address sign that lights up at night to highlight their new address.
Combination solar lights/bug killers also make practical and cost-effective gifts, as do decorative solar lanterns and chimes with gentle solar lights attached.
Most graduates don't own their own home, but that doesn't mean the younger generation can't take advantage of solar technology. Since so many young people are concerned about the environment, the power of the sun is an eco-friendly and welcome option.
Consider giving solar lanterns. With a broad variety of styles and functions, you can suit a broad range of tastes.
Decorative lanterns that can be charged in a bright window and used on balconies or even inside. Practical lanterns are also great for camping or nights at a beach, lakefront or any outdoor area. Combine the younger generation's love of technology and the environment with a solar-powered charger for cell phones and iPods.
No matter what the occasions, solar gifts are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to brighten someone's day!
Copyright 2011, AM McElroy,

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