Lamp Post: An Effective Light Source

A lamp-post is also known as a street light, street lamp, lamp standard or light standard. Lamp post refers to a raised source of light. The street lamps are usually installed on the edge of roads, walkways, driveways and gardens. These street lamps are turned on at a fixed time every night. Some of the modern lamps also have light-sensitive photocells. These photocells turn them on automatically at dusk or during dark weather.
Lamps were first used by Roman and Greek civilizations. They used lamps to prevent the pedestrians from tripping over something and keep the robbers at bay. They used oil to light the lamps. Oil lamps provided moderate and long-lasting flames. Street lamps are a good option for those who are looking for an authentic source of light for the dark areas of their driveways or gardens. Installing lamp posts at the entrance of your property or near your front door have several advantages. Installing street lamps can help you to prevent accidents and increase safety. Reports suggest that darkness can result in fatal accidents and crashes. It has been found that street lights can reduce pedestrian crashes by nearly 50 percent. Lighted highways tend to have fewer accidents than unlighted highway interchanges. Further, lamp posts are also used to hang commemorative or decorative banners.
Outdoor street lamps come in a variety of styles and designs. Lamp posts with lights mounted on poles offer abundant light. These full-sized light posts are ideal for lighting up patios and yards. Miniature versions of the outdoor light posts are ideal for providing accent lighting. These miniature light posts can be positioned along the pathways to guide the visitors and pedestrians. Garden owners can install few of these in their gardens for subtle lighting. They can be also installed near notable objects, such as beautiful statues or attractive plants in the garden.
The outdated street lamps use oil, gas or electricity for producing light. Some of the modern street lamps use solar energy for producing light. These street lights utilize the sun's rays during the day to produce light during the night. These light sources eliminate the need for oil, gas or electricity. They need to be placed in an area, which receives direct sunlight. Solar light posts are easily available in online stores or home shopping centers. They are very cost-effective. High quality solar light posts will cost you around $175 to $200. In case you are planning to purchase a solar light post, it is preferable to consider the quality of the housing, light source, batteries and solar panels.

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