Advantages And Disadvantages of Solar Lamps

Solar power is considered to be the most efficient and renewable source of energy used by mankind today. With the development of various technologies, different uses of this renewable source of energy are being discovered. The solar lamp is one among the most effective uses of the energy from the sun. It is also one of the largest growing industries in the world.
The constant rise in the demand for these lamps and lights can be attributed to two factors which include-
* The need to save costs
* Control environment pollution
There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with these lighting options. Some of the most important advantages include the following.
Zero Energy Costs: One of the greatest advantages of a solar lamp is its zero energy costs. As these lamps and lights derive its energy from the sun, it can function free of costs. It is therefore widely used in parking lots and other places where lighting is essential all the time. It helps to save energy and costs.
Low Maintenance: These lighting systems are known to last for an entire life time as it seldom requires any type of maintenance or repairs. These systems derive its power from the sun and therefore recharge automatically every day. However, the panels of these systems need to be dusted once in a week to avoid accumulation of dusts.
Environment Friendly: It is also known to be environment friendly as it does not include the use of poisonous chemicals or gases to produce energy. As these lights draw its energy from the sun, it is considered to be eco-friendly and safe for humans.
No Wire: Another advantage of the solar lamp is that the lights include no wires. Each individual light includes a rechargeable battery package and a photovoltaic panel. It can therefore be easily installed and seldom requires the need of a professional for installation.
Packaged Sets: These lighting systems are available in prepackaged sets. Walkway light sets include rechargeable batteries, LED light bulbs, PV panel and housing. The packaged sets are quite easy to install and seldom require professional assistance.
Quick Installation: Solar lamp lights are easy to install as it includes no wires or electric circuits. It includes only minor assembly and therefore it can be installed easily.
Although these lighting systems include a number of beneficial qualities, it is not devoid of drawbacks. The most common drawbacks or disadvantages include the following.
Initial Costs: The initial costs of buying these lighting systems are quite high, though it requires less maintenance and repairs. It is a huge investment to transform the lighting systems.
Exposure To The Sun: The batteries of these lighting systems depend on the energy from the sun but sometimes climatic variations such as an overcasts sky or storm can prevent the batteries from recharging. Therefore these lighting systems are ideal for areas where there is ample amount of sunlight.
Non Critical Option: As it includes these drawbacks, solar lamps can be used mainly for decorative purposes rather than critical uses.

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