Lighting Up Your Fat Burning Furnace

We all want to get into the fat burning zone but often find it an illusive task. After all, if we all knew where this "zone" was wouldn't we all be burning fat quick? You can find different methods to speed up fat burn and lose excess body fat. Many people turn first to diet pills or supplements. Before trying this method, losing unwanted fat is not sold in a bottle. So before spending hundreds of dollars on pills check out these great tips on furnace.

Fat Burning Tip #1

Exercise is the number one way to burn fat faster. And not just any workout but aerobic exercise. Aerobics are by far the best method for lighting up the furnace to burn fat quicker. With aerobic activities you are generating energy and burning calories. While working out you need fuel to maintain the added movement, so it uses your body's fuel for the added energy it needs. This extra energy comes from carbohydrates and fat. Contrary to what some think, when you are doing aerobics the body is using both resources for energy. The amount it uses of each type of fuel source is determined based on the the exercise intensity and readily available fuels.

You are probably asking yourself, if you are using both energy sources (fat and carbs) then what exactly is the fat burning area? Well this saying is what is widely used to describe the zone when you begin to burn less carb calories and more fat. This point is what you want to aim for to burn excess body fat and shed unwanted pounds. To realize the "zone" you need to recognize how calories are expended during aerobics. As an example, when doing a low intense aerobic routine, you are using a higher percentage of fat for energy. However you are expending fewer calories overall. In contrast a high intense workout, although this uses a smaller percentage of body fat, your body burns a lot more total calories. This calculates to a larger total of fat calories burned.

Regardless of if you are doing a low intense or high intense workouts, the key is to include aerobics in your weekly workout at least 3 to 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. The more days you add and the longer the duration, the more excess fat your body will be expending.

Fat Burning Tip #2

Now that the fat burning furnace is lit with aerobic exercise you want to keep burning fat. Adding muscle mass with strength training is a great method to achieve this. The more lean muscles a person has the more calories you burn ? even while relaxing.sleeping. With more lean muscles the body is increasing your basal metabolic rate. (What this means to you is an increase in|This in turn means you are increasing|A higher metabolism means you increase} the amount of calories and fat you burn each day.

With resistance workouts, you want to add resistance to the muscles in order to challenge and build muscles. By building muscles I don't mean bulking up like pro wrestlers, but rather strengthening and toning your muscles. You should train three times in your weekly schedule working all the major muscles. {Even though|Although strength training does not use as many calories and fat as aerobics, you will get the added benefit of burning some fat calories in addition to revving up your basal metabolic rate.metabolism.

Fat Burning Tip #3

Eating healthy goes without saying when trying to lose weight and excess body fat. Choosing healthy foods is always a good thing not only for weight control but for overall fitness. There are many foods that have natural ingredients that can ignite the fat burning engine in the body. These foods, sometimes known as "super foods" are not any weird, unusual and expensive health food item, but rather can be found in your local food store.

Citrus fruits like oranges, limes and grapefruit give the body lots of vitamin C. This is the secret that helps burn fat faster. This vitamin helps water down fat in your system making it easier to exit the body and More foods that help burn fat include lean meats or proteins and high fiber cereals and breads. Make your protein choices lean and have it with every meal. Your breads and cereals need to be whole grain options and use skim milk with your cereal.

Minimizing body fat is important for getting trim as well as necessary for your health. This is especially true of stomach fat. Extra stomach fat has been shown to lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and other health risks. So ignite your furnace and lose fat now.

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