Traditional Motif on Lamps and Shades

Lamps and shades with traditional Indian motifs and prints are now available in small numbers for art lovers and lovers of Indian art. The lamps are made in a variety of material from paper to silk.
You can choose options from batik to hand woven fabric and raw silk with intricate designs to printed silk. For centuries hand crafted fabric from India has been very popular and was available as a Saree or as a base material for designer and ethnic apparel. The "Indianness" of the lamp starts right at the base which is embellished with Indian artifacts, paintings or even stone work and is capped by a complementing lamp shade with matching designs in print, batik or zari work. The lamp is stunning to look at any time be it day or night. Day light will bring out its beauty in sunshine and at night the lamp itself will have an aura very soothing and comforting for helping you relax.
If you choose the organic paper option then the designs are mostly hand painted, wood block prints or are embossed on the paper itself. There are many options as far as paper is concerned. Organic paper is made from recycled wood, paper pulp, natural grasses and processed bark from living trees- bark is a waste product for a tree. A tree sheds its bark several times in its life cycle. Sometimes leaves and flowers can be seen embedded in the paper - the most natural design one can think of.
Scenes depicting Indian traditions, festivals and village life can also be seen on organic paper lamp shades.
Proceeding to a more conservative design one can choose from fabric lamp shades with scenes from Indian mythology, traditional rendering of living objects, Indian traditions, festivals and people in attires not to be seen anymore.
The zari work is traditionally a cross weave of finely drawn gold plated silver wire which forms the basis of the design. The whole design idea spins around this material. Occasionally colored silk is used to highlight the design. With Gold and silver at an all time high, today Gold plated zari work is a restricted art and has been largely replaced by imitation zari. Though it cannot compare with Real Gold and silver zari still it succeeds in creating the same luster and finish of real gold zari work. Zari work shines and shimmers in the daylight while at night the design serves to mellow the light filtering out from the shade. Order a traditional India lamp with a matching shade in Organic paper, silk and with authentic zari work today!!

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