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How to connect a Wi-Fi smart device to my Wi-Fi network?

 Please follow the steps below:

 1.Open the APP, enter the main page of the APP, click "Add Device" in the middle of the page or click "+" at the top right of the page to enter the Add Device page;

 2.Please place your phone as close as possible to the device you want to add, it will automatically search for nearby devices;

 3.Click the device you want to add, select a network for your smart device and wait for the device to be added;

 4.After adding the device, enter the name you like (the name cannot be empty, and the length cannot exceed 20 characters), and click "Next";

 5.Select the room to which the device belongs, and click Finish;

 6. After the device is added, return to the main page of the APP to check whether the device is added successfully.

 When the smart device cannot connect to the router, what should I do?

 Please troubleshoot as follows:

 1) Make sure your phone's bluetooth is turned on

 2) After entering the add device interface, if my device is not found, please try the following methods:

 A.Restart the device and make sure the phone is as close as possible to the device

 B.The device may not support Bluetooth distribution network, try to use the device hotspot distribution network

 3.) After entering the Wi-Fi list, I cannot find my Wi-Fi network, please try the following methods:

 A.It is possible that the router is too far from the device or there is a partition wall to affect the signal, please try to place the two as close as possible

 B.Try to pull down to refresh the list 

 C.Try to select "Other Network" and enter your WIFI name and password.

 4) If the problem still exists through the above methods, please click "Profile" at the bottom right of the main page of the APP, select "Support", and contact customer service for help through online feedback.

 Replace with a new router, what should I do?

 Please refer to the following steps:

 1.Long press the smart device and select "Delete" in the pop-up menu;

 2.Click the "+" at the top right of the App home page to enter the "Add Device" page, the deleted smart device is displayed in the list, click it;

 3.Enter the restart smart device page, follow the prompts, when the smart device is powered on again, click "Next", the light will flash 3 times to enter the network configuration mode;

 4.Follow the prompts to connect the smart device to the router;

 5.If the above methods still cannot find the smart device, please reset the smart device.

 How to reset the Wi-Fi Smart Lighting?

 Please follow the steps below to reset smart lighting:

 1.Before resetting, please power off the device.

 2.Start resetting: Turn on the light , then turn off the light, keep the light off for 1 seconds (repeat this operation 3 times);

 3.Reset successful: The light will flash for a few seconds and then stay on.

 The device is displayed on the Add Device page.

(If not, please try to restart the phone Wi-Fi and wait for the automatic refresh)

 How to perform device network diagnosis?

 Please refer to the following steps:

 1.Make sure the App is the latest version, you can check the version by scanning the QR code.

 2.Long press the device icon on the App homepage, enter "Device Information" -> Network Diagnosis -> Submit the results to us for further analysis

 Note: If "Network Diagnosis" is not found in the device information, the device may not support this function.

 If you have any questions, feel free to give us feedback.


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