LED Lights for Indoor Tennis Courts – Savings and Benefits

Tennis courts are similar to other industrial size sporting arenas. They need enough space to house the full size court (maximum of 78′ by 36′ for full court double matches), they need enough room for spectators, other gymnasium equipment and basic practical necessities such as entrance ways and locker rooms. Of course, indoor courts for tennis schools or training college players will need multiple courts. This means the vast indoor size rivals that of aircraft hangersand warehouses.

However, there are also specific lighting requirements for tennis courts. Fortunately, LED lighting covers all of these basics.

Lighting requirements for tennis courts

As we mentioned above, the minimum space required for a tennis court is 78 feet x 36 feet of the court itself, as well as the space around the judges, players' seats and entrances. In the indoor tennis courts used for matches and tournaments, you also need to provide seats for the spectators.

However, most indoor tennis courts for large teams require multiple courts in the same indoor space.

What many people don't consider is the required height. If the ceiling is too low, you can't make the game right. This means that even a single tennis court needs high ceiling lighting.

High bay LED lighting for tennis court

Ceilings over 20' require high ceiling lighting, and the minimum requirement for professional standard indoor tennis courts is 40'. This means you need lights powerful enough to fill the space.

High intensity discharge (HID) and metal halide bulbs are commonly used for this purpose. While they do provide a lot of light, they also have some serious disadvantages.

The main problem with HID is lack of cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Bulbs like our OEO EZ LED bc-p replace high-intensity discharge bulbs and metal halides, saving up to 70% of energy consumption in the process. Metal halides eventually extinguish the inert gases and metal halide compounds in them. It's a slow process. Although the bulb can still emit light, it can do so at a lower level because of the lumen depreciation inherent in the model.

Our LED bulbs will not suffer the same fate. They have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and come with a five-year warranty. This means that even if the score is batted back and forth in love, the bulbs will last a long time after the player is exhausted.

Type of lighting on an indoor tennis court

The lights can stay on as long as you want, but if the quality doesn't exist, you will run into trouble. Our LED metal halide replacement bulbs provide 5,000 K relative color temperature (CCT). This means that the power of the light is quite high, providing a clear cold white to distinguish what is happening.

The CRI is 70, which means the referee, players and fans can see whether the ball is coming in or out. In addition, by virtue of our bulb's lens Angle, we can ensure that the light stays on the pitch and is not wasted or misused in other parts of the space. By modifying and replacing the bulbs directly, we are able to provide you with light and ensure that your indoor courses meet international standards. Not only that, they can save you money and reduce energy waste.

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