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I am always thinking of ways to keep my outdoor surroundings interesting and beautiful. I have decided to have fun with my surroundings this winter with animal solar lights. They are fun and grab attention. As the flowers and plants fade and prepare for winter I plan on using animal solar lights to give me a chuckle during those long winter nights and make a great welcome for friends and family.
I have been using outdoor solar lights in more practical ways such as spot lights, sensor lights and garage lights, but now I realize that I can have fun with them, too. Solar lights are also a simple, inexpensive way to conserve energy. Not only do they save money on my electrical bills, they add beauty and magic to my yard, drive, pool area and pathways. They even light up my vegetable garden at night, so I can do some late night weed pulling!! (It's not so hot that time of day!!)
There are many varieties to choose from. Most dogs are holding a solar lantern in their mouth. You can find almost any breed, so you can pick your favorite. Look for German shepherds, boxers, pugs, Dalmatians, even some cute generic dogs. How about decorating them with a red scarf for Christmas? What a great way to greet friends and family! Kids just have to pet them (and I've seen adults sneak a little pet on the head, too.)
If dogs aren't your thing, there are also a few smaller friends included in these animal lights. You can find many different types of frogs for all those frog collectors out there. (I am one of them, myself!!) There are snails, squirrels, turtles and even some birds on a branch.
One really significant fact about all of these solar lights, is they are not dependent upon conventional electrical supply. As long as they are charged during the day with sunlight, they can be placed anywhere you wish. If you want to change their location, just pick them up and move them. How easy is that?
They can highlight your last patio party for the season. You can put them in your garden area to get comments all through the winter. One more perk is that this is a great way to get children involved in conserving energy. They all just simply love solar lights and they can even help you decide where to place , have some fun and perk up your winter surroundings with animal solar lights.
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