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2pcs/lot Body Sensor IR Infrared Sensors Switch Motion Detector Sensor Outdoor Lighting

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(See the right figure)





1, Turn time knob anti-clockwise to the minimum; turn the LUX knob clockwise to the maximum (SUN), Switch on power, the controlled load should not work, needing to preheat within 5-30sec.

2, The sensor will be sensed again in 5-10sec later when the first induction is finished, the load should work when received sensor signal and stop working within 7-13sec with no any sensor signal.

3, Turn LUX knob to minimum anti-clockwise, if you test it when the ambient light is more than 3LUX, the induction load would not work after the load stops working; the load should work if you cover the detection window with opaque object (towel etc),it would be regular the load stops to work within 7-13sec under no induction signal condition



Note: when testing in daylight, please turn LUX knob to (SUN) position, otherwise the sensor lamp could not work!



1, Should be installed by electrician or experienced person.

2, Avoid installing it on the unrest object.

3, There should be no hindrance and moving objects in front of the detection windows to effect detection.

4, Avoid installing it near air temperature alteration zones such as air condition, central heating, etc.

5, Considering your safety, please do not open the cover when you find the hitch after installation.

6, If there is difference between instruction and the function the product has, please give priority to product and sorry not to inform you additionally.



A: The load do not work:

a. please check if the connection-wiring of power and load is correct.

b. please check if the load is good .

c. please check if the working light set correspond to ambient light.


B: The sensitivity is poor:

a. Please check if there has hinder in front of the detection window to effect to receive the signal.

b. Please check if the ambient temperature is too high.

c. Please check if the induction signal source is in the detection fields.

d. Please check if the installation height corresponds to the height showed in the instruction.

e. Please check if the moving orientation is correct.


C The sensor can not shut off the load automatically:

a. Please check if there is continual signal in the detection field.

b. Please check if the time delay is the longest.

c. Please check if the power correspond to the instruction.

d. Please check if the temperature near the sensor change obviously, such as air condition or central heating etc



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