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D24 30X RGB Smart WIFI Controller Timer 24mm 12V IP67 Outdoor Garden Yard Patio Terrace Kitchen Stair Step LED Deck Rail Lights Set

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Deck Lights

Description :
1. DC12V 0.24W(Single-color)/0.8W(Multi-color) led underground lights
2. Aluminum material design, more metallic, look more stylish
3. IP67 waterproof level, suitable for outdoor staircases, streets, courtyard, etc
4. The chip is the SMD2835
5. Unique waterproof connector, can be installed easily
6. High pressure resistance over 100 KGS
7. High efficiency, stability, long lifespan (50000 Hours)
How to use the wifi Controller:
1.Download the app
2. Open your Wi-Fi phone network and connect the Wi-Fi controller device named LEDnet *****
3. Open the app, register your account with your own e-mail address. After the registration account was successful, add your device.
4. Connect your home Wi-Fi network, enter the password of your home Wi-Fi network, when the connection is successful, your Wi-Fi controller is connected to your Wi-Fi network.
5. After successfully connecting to your home network, you can use the app to control the LED recessed floor lights, as long as someone downloads APP and successfully connected to the network, they can use the LED recessed floor lights
6. Support for WAN / LAN

1. Hardwood Flooring 2. Laminate 3. Carpet 4. Ceramic Tiles 5. Natural Stone 6. Quartz Flooring

Package Include :
1.30pcs LED Inground Lights
2.6pcs T Connection Cable
3.1pcs 30W LED Power Supply
4.1pcs WIFI LED Remote Controller
$_10WIFI -1

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