Landscape Lighting Guide

Whether you have just bought your first new home, or you want to give your current outdoor space a make over, landscape lighting should be number one on your shopping list. This is a great way to visually upgrade your yard and also provide some potentially much needed light on a path way or drive way. Luminescent fixtures are available at any hardware store, lawn and garden store and even your local general store. Pricing can range anywhere from one dollar per light fixture to one hundred dollars or more, depending on how fancy you want to get with your landscape lighting.
Installing these small beams of light can generally be done by one's self, provided there are instructions and perhaps a small shovel. For large lighting fixtures with tall posts that must be implanted in the ground, you must first call your local digger's hot line to prevent possible injury. You may need to purchase a few bags of pre-mixed or self mixing cement as well, if the style of your landscape lighting requires it. If you find the process of installing these fixtures to be too complicated or possibly dangerous then it is probably a good idea to hire someone to do this work for you. This will be a fairly in-expensive thing to do, and will ensure the fixtures are put in professionally and safely.
Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight certain areas or your garden, provide light on a walkway for safety and give your yard a well maintained and pleasant image. With all of the unique styles these luminaries come in you can add that personal touch to any outdoor space and truly make it your own. For tips and ideas on placement and design you can go to your local library and check out a few home garden and design books, or simply go online to get ideas from fellow gardeners. Lighting fixtures are a beautiful way to brighten your landscape and if done tastefully it will potentially increase the appeal and value of your home. This is a quite useful and simple method of attracting potential home buyers if you are putting your house on the market.
Decorating for the holidays may also be a big part of your outdoor light fixtures and there are so many creative ways to do so. If you have pre-existing lamps you can simply switch the light bulbs out for colored bulbs around the holiday season. Hanging wreaths, garland and other dcor on your lamp posts would definitely show your Christmas spirit, and you could do the same for Halloween, the fourth of July, etc. the possibilities are virtually endless, and with a little thought and effort you can have the most beautifully illuminated house in your neighborhood!

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