Bathroom Lighting: 3 Suggestions to Better Light Your Restroom

When we think of our home lighting needs, we never really consider the bathroom. After all, who needs great lighting in the bathroom, of all places? This thought should immediately exit your mind, as efficient bathroom lighting will make things much easier. Think about it: how many times have you mixed up shampoo and soap because you couldn't read the bottles with the dim lighting? Or you couldn't see that one detail when shaving, causing your appearance to be a bit disheveled? There are many things you can do to make your bathroom shine, which in turn makes you more efficient.
Place the Lights Accordingly
You might think it's only a bathroom, a place to shower and get ready, but you should treat with the same kind of care that you would with a kitchen or living room. Great lighting can make or break your restroom's d?�cor, and this is best exemplified by where you place fixtures.
With the mirror, often a restroom centerpiece, you want the lighting to leave no room for shadows and can completely illuminate your face. This way, you can make sure you didn't get toothpaste on your chin or missed a blemish. A popular way of doing this is a light strip, but if you're looking for something more aesthetically pleasing, then try placing recessed fixtures in the ceiling or on the mirror. Try different combinations and you're sure to find something that suits your needs.
Get a dimmer switch
You might be thinking, "A dimmer switch? Really?" But, these bulb softeners are great for the recessed lighting you want in your bathroom. They allow you to alter the room's atmosphere with just a simple turn. Want bright light? You got it! Want something a little softer, while you enjoy a nice bubble bath? Then turn the lighting down. You can soak and not have to worry about bright fluorescents interrupting your relaxation.
Another great reason for dimmer switches? They save energy and increase the life of your lamps.
Chrome & Metal Fixtures Make a Room Shine
Want something different, something that will give your bathroom an ultra-modern look, but come across timeless? Chrome and metallic fixtures will do just the trick. When combined with vintage fixtures, like an old bathtub or shower, your bathroom will come across with present-day cool and a neo-classical edge. It might even make your bathroom the most popular one in the house!
Bathroom lighting used to be nothing more than a candlestick on the way to the outhouse. Now, with so many advances, you can turn your bathroom into something warm, inviting and relaxing. Lighting is an important part of this, so remember your restroom when thinking about how to light your home.

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