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The DMX lighting control software is a way to intelligently control a lighting system which has a number of lighting fixtures. They are digitally controlled via a controller. The lighting fixtures used in top-notch stage performances, shows, openings of events etc., are controlled by the DMX lighting control software now. What does this exactly mean? To fully understand this let us get a lot more familiar with what exactly DMX means. DMX is an acronym which means a Digital Multiplex. What does this exactly do and how is it connected to the number of illumination components in a disco club?
These modern type nightclub systems have the following components - a DMX lighting control software controller, a DMX cable, a DMX decoder and a lighting device or devices. The advanced software sends signals to the system components connected to it via 512 different channels. The lighting device acts based on the instruction from the decoder which is in turn connected to the DMX lighting control software panel via a DMX cable. The lighting elements these days are capable of taking concurrently instructions from five distinct channels. Let us consider an example of a lighting device and understand this setup.
The DMX lighting software that controls a moving electrical fixture in a discotheque might have a number of features like movement, color and depth of the illumination etc., and it sends 512 distinct signals at a time. However, say the moving light is set to accept the signal from channels 17, 18, 19, 20 wherein each number corresponds to the components like movement, number of lights to be switched on or off, color, depth respectively and after that the corresponding numbers will only be interpreted by the digital lighting decoder. All the rest of the channels transmitted via the DMX lighting control software controller are cancelled by the decoder installation in the moving light.
The automated lighting software sends electronic signals 44 times in a second via all its 512 channels. Incredible, isn't it? Well, that is the sophistication of this software. Lighting carried out this way offers wonderful effects and the visual glory is completely indefinable. The signal transmitted via 512 channels through DMX lighting cables is called a DMX universe. When there is a need of more than 512 channels for operating a particular lighting device or a group of devices, one can always go for multiple DMX universes.

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