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LED bulbs continue to become more beautiful and innovative. Warm dimming many leds produce realistic and natural light in new ways.
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LED technology continues to develop

Over the past decade or so, LED lighting has grown exponentially and is taking the lighting industry by storm. Projections show that leds will consume about 85 percent of the lighting market by 2030 or earlier. This is a legitimate advantage, as they are the most energy-efficient light sources, with long life, variety and excellent user integration. LED technology continues to develop to meet the needs of users and adapt to practical applications. One new way that many manufacturers are doing this is by making LED bulbs that "warm dimming".

What exactly is warm dim tech?

The effect, called warm dimming, has nothing to do with the actual heat or physical warmth of the bulb. More specifically, when an LED bulb darkens, its color temperature decreases. In other words, the lower the brightness, the more "orange" or orange the color. This is a more "natural" reproduction, as the sky appears more "warm" at sunset, which puts our minds in different gears and helps us transition into the night. Many incandescent and halogen bulbs naturally have this effect, but are very inefficient. When these new leds dim, they remain efficient while still producing a pleasant "warm" sheen of ease and comfort.

Warm dimming effect bulb

The comparisons above are some of the photos I took to illustrate how warm colors darken from brightest (left) to almost complete (right) in action. As you can see, the lower the brightness, the warmer the color. The bulbs used are Curtis Mathes LED floodlights.

Each product and brand has its own level of LED dimming, but they typically range from 3,000k to 1,900k. The images below show the range of color temperatures and what "warm" or "cool" means.

Color temperature spectrum

Where can I get warm dimming LED?

As more brands add warm leds to their selection, they will become more common and readily available. But there are some great options out there. Manufacturers may use different terms to describe warm dimming. For example, philips called it warm light, TCP called it allusion, and Sylvania called it the sunset effect. Here are some of my favorite warm colors:

1. Nicor 08921 is an innovative embedded light reflector floodlight. This ceiling fixture is easy to install and ideal for residential and hotel applications. It is even approved for access to damp environments such as bathrooms and showers.

2. Fvtled 455824 is standard A19 bulb for bedroom, living room or desk lamp. The subtle effects of "warm glow" can enhance our daily lives at home.

3. The Curtis Mathes 02074 is the best BR30 floodlight. This bulb features a beautifully smooth dimming transition and rich warm tones.

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