Elegance of the Mission Floor Lamp

The mission floor lamps follow a timeless design. The main design feature of a good lamp is to retain focus on the lampshade. All other elements like the stands, the base and decorative items just supplement and add value to the lampshade. They should in no way detract from the beauty and impact of the lampshade itself.
Basic Construction of the Mission Floor Lamp
The lamp is excellent in terms of the contouring and the frugal detail. With the simplicity, the highlight is on the plain yet polished surface. The simple lines are very clean and flow horizontal or vertical. The design element would probably be a simple curvature in one or two places. Nothing fancy for the mission floor lamp! The focus is retained entirely on highlighting the beauty of the lampshade.
This style for this particular lamp is in direct contrast to the heavily embellished furniture. It also negates the commercialized mass manufactured furniture. They are very ethnic in their quality and exude simplicity yet subtle warmth. You can see from the impression that they're completely handmade. The long in slender stand finishes on a post on top. The lampshade on top is also very demure.
Blending in Decor
Generally, the mission floor lamp looks more like any version of artwork. It has a certain Asian flavor to it. With unassuming designs in complete proportion, they accent any type of room or decor. Whether it's a modern bedroom or a classic style, they always blend in. From the Victorian to the French Renaissance and Classic to modern contemporary furniture, the mission floor lamp can find its place in any room.
Attraction in the lamp
The main reason for their attractiveness is because of the styling on the shades. These are hand designed and handcrafted. Since they use economical and clean lines on the base and post, there is a lot of aesthetic art to it in the lampshade. They usually follow European, Asian, American and Aztec styling because there's many options in art to choose from. You can find a simple and classic shade with straight lines. In other cases, it may be embellished with different logos, artwork or images.
Usually the mission floor lamp has the lampshade constructed out of fine quality glass. This gives a very soft glow. If you have a designer taste, you can find lamps to match that. Whether at the entrance, on the side or on a table, the mission floor lamp will surely catch the eye of the beholder. Since the shade is so beautifully designed, the eyes run immediately to it.
With a simple and cost effective manner of adding a decor element into the house, it is great to try mission floor lamp. It will serve a practical and aesthetic purpose.

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