LED Lights for Retail Stores: The 3 Most Popular Fixtures


Lighting plays an important role in helping to set the atmosphere and ambience of any retail environment. In order to better attract customers' attention to products and sales, you want to invest in high-quality lighting equipment. Which lighting fixture is best for you depends on your brand and marketing strategy; However, some lighting solutions are more popular than others. Display everything you have to offer with these top energy efficient LED lights.

Three of the most popular LED lighting fixtures
1. Decoration LED track lamps 820 lumens, 3000K soft white temperature
LED track lighting is the perfect solution for retailers seeking to improve visibility of their most important products and sales projects. These fixtures are visually appealing and can be integrated in any shop environment. They can slash electricity bills, require little maintenance and last up to 30,000 hours. Versatile and customizable black, white and brushed nickel options from Superior Lighting with:

· directly replace 75-watt incandescent lamp with only 12-watt LED

· 820 lumens per person

· 24 ° and 36 ° beam angles

· dimmable options

90 + CRI

· die-cast structure

· three-year warranty

To design LED track lamps, you need to purchase LED housing track heads, tracks, power and connectors.

2. Satco 16 "diameter warehouse type chandelier lamps
The SATCO 16 "diameter warehouse style pendant lee GHT lamp is the perfect retail outlet to go with a retro or industrial look and feel. This classic, retro-inspired lamp at 20 meters looks like a century-old warehouse in the fashion district. Chandelier fixtures come in a variety of colors, including:

Brushed nickel,

· light industrial black

· light industry green

· light industry red

· industrial white

The old bronze,

Don't let an outdated design fool you into thinking that these lights don't take advantage of modern lighting technology. Efficient LED lights such as LED A19 bulbs work well in these warehouse lamps.

3. Embedded edge LED exit sign and aluminum canopy
If you're opening a new retail store, it's important to make sure to buy some new LED exit signs. While these may not be the LED lighting fixtures you want to buy, these lighting signs play an important role in keeping your employees and customers safe. Emergency lights, which are required by law, are easily tested monthly for compliance with safety codes. They are available in a variety of colors, with red and green leds being the most durable and effective. The features of these lighting fixtures include:

· a4.8v, maintenance-free rechargeable battery, can be used for more than 5 years

· consistent and uniform lighting

· key test switch to force code consistency test

· premium grade extruded aluminum housing

· all electronic products and enclosures enjoy a 5-year warranty

· UL list for wet locations

Rest assured, these LED exit lights comply with the UL924, NFPA101 life safety specifications, NEC, OSHA, local and state codes.

Use durable, well-made LED lamps to light up your store

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