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If you are a Honda driver then here is something that could really interest you. Introducing the all new clear lens LED Reflector bumper lights, which will make your Honda even better in both appearance and safety enhancement.
The bumper reflectors are one of the most important components for any car to enhance the safety for night time driving. Now you can better enhance the safety and style by converting the light-less reflector with the LED reflector lamps. The LED Bumper Reflectors are made from super bright LEDs, which work as taillights and brake lights on the various Honda car models. These Honda car models are:

Honda Insight 2010 and up
Honda CR-Z 2010 and up
Honda CR-V 2012 and up

Key features of these Clear Lens Bumper LED Reflectors are:

The Clear Lens LED Bumper Reflectors are made from high quality LED emitter made by CREE, so they can provide a much brighter lighting output.
The lenses used in LED Bumper Reflectors are made from superior quality PVC plastic, the same material as the headlight lens.
You can even make the replacement of the default stock reflector and use it for the function of 'add on brake light' or 'tail light. All of this can be done without spending any extra pennies.
The fitting of the components is just perfect and the replacement is straightforward.
The Clear Lens LED Bumper Reflectors give a bright red light, which is very strong especially when compared with the default ones.
The wiring connecting the LED Bumper Reflectors is very simple.

How to install?
As aforementioned, connecting the LEDs to the car is very easy. All you need to do is connect the red wire to the tail light's positive terminal, the black wire to the brake stock light's negative terminal and the yellow wire to the positive terminal of the brake light.
The package Content:
In the package, you will get two LED Bumper Reflectors and the wirings are also included in this package.
More about the Clear Lens Bumper LED Reflectors:
These LEDs are very good to be used in your car if you enjoy driving in the nights as they provide high power lights. In addition, if you take your car to parties and other occasions then you are bound to receive compliments by your friends regarding the appearance of your car. Since these LED Bumper Reflectors are available at a cheap price, you can purchase them for your car and make your car beautiful.

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