Finally An At Home Business That Brings In Christmas Cash

If you're self-employed and you have been trying to figure out how to increase your income around wintertime, I want you to give this some serious consideration. If you've ever driven around town from late October to the end of December, you've seen many Christmas lights. Some of the most amazing displays aren't done by your neighbors or the local business owner. Folks have been paying from a few hundred dollars up to as much as several thousand dollars for holiday lighting displays.
There are people making a great income from this at home business. You would have to learn on the job how to operate. You're going need to be familiar with the following:
• Party in holiday lighting
• Mini lights
• LED battery operated lights
• C7 and C9 bulbs
• Net lights
• LED Christmas lights
• 12 V LED lights
• Rope lights
• Icicle lights
• Illuminated Christmas wreaths
• Illuminated Christmas garlands
• Holiday light controllers
• Light clips and hooks
• Lights stakes
• Rope lights
• Sculpted clips for mini lights
• Timers for Christmas lights
• Light repair tools
• Color caps
• Blackout cats
• Assorted electrical plugs
• Electrical cord strippers
• Wire cutters
• Assorted clips for grooves, tile, gutters, fences, trees and shrubs
You're going to be learning how to maneuver safely on a ladder, a roof, in, and around trees. I no longer do the installation myself; I have people that do that for me but when you're just starting out you may have to get on the ladder to get the work done. The work itself is fairly easy and simple; once you get started time passes by fairly quickly.
Getting the work relies on your marketing skills but if you take a few courses offered by holiday lighting experts, you'll quickly learn what works in your field and what doesn't. Take many pictures of your finished work in order to promote yourself. Don't forget the testimonials; they go a long way to getting you the next job.
Let's talk a little bit about the money. Depending on your location, you can average anywhere from $500-$1000 a day as a startup. Learn how to market yourself properly and follow one of the online courses and you may be able to double that next year. This business is not rocket science and can be a heck of a lot of fun.
The best thing about this at home business for landscapers is the opportunity to diversify income. You never again have to sit around trying to figure out how to make ends meet during the winter months; especially at Christmas. Your holiday lighting business will be able to cover your expenses all the way through until spring. Take the time to learn the simple and straightforward methods of this business.

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