Landscapers - Cashing In On Christmas Is Now Easier Than Ever

Here's a profitable home-based business opportunity, which brings in over $1000 a day. You do have to work for a living; this is no envelope stuffing scam but an often-overlooked industry that has been steadily growing year after year for many decades. The holiday lighting industry is a multibillion dollar a year business all over the world. The U.S. season begins around Halloween. Home and business decorations begin to appear and elaborate lighting designs sparkle through the night. Many of those luminescent creations are installed by professionals.
My landscaping business was very lucrative but always came to a screeching halt in the end of fall. Like many other business owners with seasonal operations I now switch to indoor and outdoor lighting design installation. There are a few basic design ideas that you should be aware of as well as electrical installation safety procedures. It's probably best to do what I and many others who got in this business of years ago did; go online and find a good course in running your holiday lighting business.
Some of the basics that you're going to have to learn of consist of how to match the lighting to the style of the home or building. For instance you'll know how to treat a ranch or Victorian a little differently from a multi-story or a basic tract box home. You'll need to learn how to accessorize and add ornamentation that fits within the clients preconceived style and taste.
You're going to have to be familiar with all the different varieties of bulbs for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting installation. You'll need to be familiar with the kinds of fasteners and hangers; how to use and how to splice and customize your cords. Experts have already put together guides to help you learn the ropes.
This year we're going to be installing three-dimensional lighting sculptures as part of our new service. They are more elaborate and more expensive but many residential and commercial clients gain lots of attention from these amazing animated displays. Quite a few of our vendors carry a wide assortment of animated characters in a wireframe mesh complete with lighting already established. Custom designs are also available and of course, we charge more for that service.
If you could make a lot of money with the basic equipment that you have now wouldn't you want to take a closer look at making it happen? Many landscapers have been beating themselves up every year trying to supplement their income during the off-season. You cannot only supplement your income with a profitable home-based business opportunity, you can take home income that you would make in a year and have yourself a very happy holiday.

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