Cashing In On Christmas - An Off Season Business For Landscapers

Many people in today's economy are living paycheck to paycheck and worried stiff about losing their jobs. Small business owners who cater to the local market are always looking for ways to promote themselves especially during the holidays. One overlooked off season business is bringing the two together in surprising ways. During the holiday season, businesses contract out to have their Christmas lights and decorations done by professionals.
If you've always been used to making great money in your landscaping business you may be looking at a slow winter. Some landscaping companies have noticed this trend and are supplementing their slow winter months with holiday lighting installation. While some businesses will cater to homeowners, others have gravitated to servicing commercial clients exclusively.
Many of the large 3-D light sculptures that have become popular in towns and cities across the country are being picked up by local businesses and shopping malls as a stylish and memorable way to ring in the holiday season. Some of these installations can cost thousands of dollars. One major reason for its appeal among commercial clients is the amount of foot traffic these displays bring.
Some of these displays have become local traditions and the general public expects to gather and see the displays each year. One of these contracts can be worth as much as the average annual salary for a family of four. These installations can take up to a week or more to plan and implement based on several factors; the originality of design, the availability of materials the number of components that are prefabricated versus custom built and labor needed for installation.
There are usually several bids placed for the initial project with several requirements necessary to fulfill the client's needs. Experienced holiday lighting installers will usually be the ones who bid on these types of projects. They will each make a brief presentation of their work along with a written estimate and a mockup of an original design.
The reason I illustrate this point is to show you that the Christmas light installation business can be incredibly lucrative. Once you get started in this business, you can branch out into wedding reception lighting, and other commercial displays. In the meantime, you can start making an extra $500-$1000 a day, your first year in business.
Why stop making money at the end of the year in your landscaping business when you can double your income in an off season business? There are experts who have been doing this for years who will be happy to show you how to dominate your local market with holiday lighting installation. Get the facts on how this can be done with very little upfront costs and great training.

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