My Tiny Sun Night Riding Tips

Evening Riding with My Tiny Sun
If you would like to start riding in the evenings one of the key components you will need to get started is a powerful set of bike lights, and with My Tiny Sun, you can't go wrong. These high quality lights are extremely bright and powerful and are one of the best options if you know you will be riding in the dark. These lights are aimed at the more technical rider who is more serious about cycling so using them for a commute to work or a casual ride after work, may not be the best option for you. If you are a keen off road rider, you'll be wanting the best of the best and My Tiny Sun will certainly offer you this and so much more. These lights will improve your performance more than you think and will also play an important role in terms of safety.
Night riding can be very exciting and brings many challenges for serious cyclists. It can of course also be extremely dangerous but with My Tiny Sun you'll remain safe as well as enhancing your riding enjoyment at the same time. Here are just a few helpful tips when it comes to riding in the dark: Plan out your route beforehand so if it's somewhere brand new, you have a rough idea about where you're heading.
Make sure you tell someone where you are going and take a GPS or communication tool with you.
Struggling on finding a place to ride? Revisit those trails that are now too familiar to you. They'll be much more exciting in the dark!
Make sure your My Tiny Sun lights are well maintained and fully charged.
When out riding, be weary of other cyclists or pedestrians and if travelling by roads, be cautious of cars.
Stay hydrated throughout with plenty of water.
Wear suitable cycling clothing

My Tiny Sun for Racing
With bike riding more popular than ever, there are now many fantastic opportunities to take part in challenging racing events across the world. You don't even have to leave the country for them either as there are plenty of events in the UK alone. This is where it could be essential to invest in a set of My Tiny Sun lights. Even if you don't need them for your event, you'll most certainly need them at some point whilst you are training. There are many events and races that may require the need for bike lights including 24 hour races or triathlons in bad weather conditions. No matter what type of race you wish to enter, My Tiny Sun will benefit you in so many ways!

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