Landscape Lighting To Enhance Your Yard At Night

Landscape lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only do we update our bathrooms and kitchens, we now also pay a great deal of attention to our outdoor spaces. Specific areas that can benefit from well-designed outdoor lighting include walkways, patios and decks. Adding specific types of lights, like LED step lights, can increase both visual appeal and safety. With increased use of things like outdoor fireplaces and outdoor rooms we are slowly moving our focus to that valuable space outside of our home, essentially increasing the square footage of our living space. This also allows us to spend more time outdoors.
Lights For Functionality And Visual Appeal
As we spend more time outside in the evening and at night landscape lighting starts to become more important. Using things like LED step lights to improve visibility on our deck stairs becomes important for increased functionality and safety. But outdoor lighting can also create an attractive look when done well, and this can enhance the look of your entire yard making your home look more appealing from the outside.
Up lighting or down lighting can be used to highlight certain trees or other plants in your yard. This can create a dramatic effect with great visual appeal. Post cap lights can be used on a deck to enhance the atmosphere and provide increased visibility at night. Patio umbrella lights can create a pleasant light to use for dining on the patio at night or enjoying evening conversation outside.
Using LED accent lights can help illuminate landscaped areas, entryways or pathways providing both a warm, cozy light while also making them safer at night. They can also be used to highlight special features in your yard like a fountain or a statue.
Don't Overdo It
While outdoor lighting can be a lot of fun to use and it can provide a lot of value, too much of a good thing isn't such a good thing anymore. Too much light will simply make your yard look bright and washed out. Besides making your yard look like a parking lot using too many fixtures means the individual lights you took the time to choose won't be as noticeable anymore. Part of good landscape lighting design includes using shadows as part of the design. You want some darker spaces in your yard to show the contrast.
With good use of landscape lighting you can create a yard that looks beautiful at night while also increasing the functionality for use during those nice summer evenings.

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