Spice Up Your Christmas Decors With Sync Lights and Music

You have undoubtedly seen fireworks lighting up the sky in sync with lively background music. But have you seen Christmas decorative lights also dance in sync with different Christmas tunes? It is in fact a growing favorite among hobbyists who find joy in spicing up their Christmas decors a little bit with synchronized lighting systems. You will see lights of different colors dancing in unison to the tune of your favorite Christmas song and the best part is that you are given the capability to direct which groups of light will blink, fade, shimmer, or sparkle.
These synchronized music and lighting display systems also gives you the capability to control what color of lights will come up during a particular part in the tune, giving it a dramatic and magical effect. For instance, it is possible to have only the green or blue lights show up and to fade in and out slowly while the music is in the beginning stages. This particular effect is achieved using special software developed especially for this purpose. You could also select a variety of effects like shimmer, sparkle, blink, fade, cross-fade, and a whole lot more. You can even make it so like other set of lights are shimmering while other sets are blinking, all in synchronized movement with the background music.
It is actually not very clear who started out with the idea of synchronizing Christmas decorative lights to various musical tunes. What everyone knows, however, that whenever there is a place where synchronized music and Christmas decorative lights are located, you are sure to find lots of crowds that are gathered to watch. In fact, it has been proven to be a sure eye-catcher that several businesses have started to utilize this kind of synchronized music and lighting display to draw crowds to their stores.
Setting up your very own synchronized music and Christmas decorative lighting display does not actually take much effort. All you need is a multi-channel MP3 controller and Expander board that are going to be interfaced with the PC on one end and the set of Christmas decorative lights on the other end. On simpler boards, you can attach up to five thousand Christmas decorative lights which is divided into several channels. These channels are in turn controlled by a software application on the PC to perform the effects that you wanted it to do and the length of time you wanted those effects to show.
Synchronized music and Christmas decorative lights display is a very fulfilling hobby that you would really enjoy indulging into. Once you finished setting up your synchronized Christmas decors, you will definitely earn the praises of your neighbors.

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