Stack Your Deck With Solar Lighting-FVTLED

Fa La ...
Free's the reason for this brightening, 
Looking like a glowing treasure,  
Cost you nothing for this pleasure,
Come on and sing it again, with feeling, to the tune of "Deck the Halls".  
In all seriousness, an outside deck or patio area can come to life, be joyous, and add pleasure for you and your guests when appropriate solar lighting is added to its landscape. Lighting fixtures or accents can add attractiveness both night and day too. By day, the variety of solar lights available can add eye appeal and character. By night, the lighting adds ambiance, safety, and security.  
The placement of solar lights on top of the posts of your deck can give definition to the perimeter of the area at night. This type of lighting will provide safety in the dark by enhancing the edges and stairways.    
Accent lights may be placed on tables, windowsills, and on the ground. Since these lights are typically small, solar models can be placed in sunny locations during the day to energize them, then relocated to your liking at night. This type of lighting is safer than candles but gives indirect lighting without hurting your eyes while you are talking with your guests. These lights come in attractive shapes, sizes, and even characters.
Solar stair lights can be mounted low on posts or on the risers of stairs to highlight footing for safety. Lighting the stairways provides a warm welcome look for your entertaining area.   
Motion Security lights can as the name suggests provide a security feature to your deck or patio area. The instant on feature of these solar lights is sure to startle unwelcomed guests and give a silent alarm to you or your neighbors. Solar security lights do not have to be motion sensing, they can come on at dusk as the other solar lights do but since they are not on a switch this may not be the type of lighting you want in an area you entertain in. With this consideration in mind, you might want to just block the sensing device on your motion light for unwanted activation when entertaining.   
Decorate your deck or patio area with solar lighting to make it a fun and festive place year round. You might even feel like on now, from the beginning:   
Stack your deck with solar lighting... 

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