LED Landscape Lighting Design: What Lights to Use and Where to Use Them

LED landscape lighting is a great way to dress up your yard and show it off, but there are many different options for accomplishing this. How do you know which lights to use where and for what? Read on, and you’ll find out.

The first step in adding light to your yard is to know what you want to highlight. You might not be aware of the many ways you can use light to achieve an interesting, eye-catching outdoor design; look at the examples in this post or browse the internet to get some ideas. Next, you should know what types of lights are available, the effects that they create, and where they’re typically used. We carry a wide variety of 12-volt LED landscape products, including spot, path, flood, hardscape, step/deck, pond/fountain, well, path, recessed, and fence lights. For each type of light, there are options for brightness, color, style, and additional features. Take a look below to see how and where you can use these lights.

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