What is a Retrofit LED Light?

LED light bulbs are more energy efficient, are more cost effective and provide for a more customizable lighting system than competitor bulbs such as compact florescent lights (CFLs), metal halides or halogen bulbs. Yet still some are reluctant to make the change, despite the numerous overall benefits they provide.
One of the most understandable reasons for concern is the fear of switching to a new light fixture. Investing in new light bulbs is one thing, but having to replace and rewire them is another. That's why transformation is something that many business owners should be in charge of. It saves money.

What does transformation mean?

Retrofit is the process of adding new technology to existing technology to make both systems work. In the case of LED lighting, this means switching to lighting fixtures that only support old bulbs such as CFL or metal halides.

In practice, this means that you don't have to strip out the entire warehouse-size space so that you can enjoy the benefits of leds. This can be a daunting task for an industrial space, such as a steel mill, a food processing plant or anything that USES large machinery in a larger space. The renovation allows you to adapt to new lighting without having to completely replace all the fixtures.

Why did you choose to retrofit LED lights?

Many non-led lighting technologies are relatively old. However, many industrial Spaces are still suitable for use, especially when well constructed. That means no more wasted space and no more rebuilding costs.

There are some specific ways LED lighting retrofits can help you:

Reduced maintenance costs: with increased energy efficiency, depreciation of lumens, and longer LED lamp life, LED retrofit allows you to cut overhead at one fell fell.
Improved safety: if your lights need to be retrofitted, it's probably because they use outdated technology. Outdated technology presents greater safety risks due to wear and tear and poor quality standards in the past. Not only that, but longer LED durations mean that individual bulbs don't need to be replaced as often, improving the safety of workers who have to replace them in such high ceiling space.
Energy efficiency: energy efficiency not only saves your bills, but also improves your industry in a much larger way. It reduces emissions and helps you meet efficiency regulations, some of which are supported by incentive grants.
Better lighting: LED lighting is cheaper, more durable, healthier for workers, and incredibly adaptable. The light itself is stronger, helping to illuminate Spaces hitherto untouched by more conventional bulbs.
More options: retrofit means you can use dimmer switches, put your lighting system on a computer-controlled program, and allow you to use a large number of bulbs.

Are there any other options?

Maybe you're still not sure if the retrofit is right for you. That's why you should look at some of our direct replacement bulbs, which means you can still use these old lamps with adaptive bulbs.

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