LED Tube Lighting Industrial Uses

In the past florescent tube lighting have been used for a wide range of purposes. Their long design allows light to pass through a relatively wide space, filling up areas longitudinally. You may find these lights used in homes and offices, but they have also been employed for industrial purposes.

Unfortunately, the nature of fluorescent bulbs is similar to that of high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, or other high intensity discharge bulbs. They just expend too much energy. These are not only inefficient, but far less cost-effective. The energy used to produce fluorescence is wasted as a large proportion of electricity is consumed as heat.

With LED lighting, very little energy is wasted. Not only that, but they need less electricity to power them in the first place.

LED replacement bulb

At OEO, we have two main light LED replacement bulbs. They are the OEO EZ LED t5-ho and the OEO EZ LED T8, with modification and direct replacement options. Fluorescent lamps require ballasts to have enough power to open them and limit the amount of electricity that can flow through the tubes. If the latter does not happen, the bulb is likely to explode.

LED bulbs are self-regulating and work without ballasts. Because of the way the current passes through the diodes, they are unlikely to explode. Retrofit T8 or T5 bulbs can be easily installed by bypassing the ballast. This means you can use LED bulbs without installing new lights.

There is less effort to replace LED bulbs directly. These bulbs are "plug and play," which means you can upgrade them simply by replacing them. They have longer life spans (up to 50,000 hours), and they don't devalue light quality and save energy like CFLS. They can also save you money by not requiring a qualified electrician to install them.

Industrial use of LED lamps

While the benefits of energy savings and savings should be clear now, you might wonder what they can be used for. Some, by no means all, include:

Refrigeration lighting: as coolant systems are used for refrigeration, they need to use more energy to cool the space. If the bulb emits heat and light (sometimes more than a CFL), that means the refrigeration unit has to work harder. Leds are perfect because they don't add this extra strain, so we add more energy and money to the process.
Warehouse lighting: vertical pipe lighting works well because they fill the space between warehouse shelves without wasting light on the lines between them.
Office space: LED bath lighting helps to provide uniform light coverage, so they are traditionally used in office areas to maintain uniform brightness.
Factories and factories: factories and factories are notorious for their hazardous waste and pollution problems. Fragile bulbs like CFLS are not good in these cases, but the robustness of the LED case means they may not exist.

While LED tubes are good for overall coverage, they are not the future of lighting. For large industrial high-canopy Spaces, LED lights can provide new bulbs, providing better light quality and equally distributed, saving energy and costs. You can check out some of our new lighting options to see if they are good for you.

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