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Rope lamps are one of the most common types of lighting. They can be used in any home, even outdoors, so read on to find out our favorite ways to use ropes around the house.
When it comes to multi-purpose lighting, the rope lamp is the top. Rope lights are the perfect focus for any home or garden - whether you're looking for entertainment, functionality or something in between. They are cheap, energy efficient and can be used year-round, adding ambience and practical light to any room in the home. What is not to love? Read on to learn how to implement these portable lights in your home.

Bai Sheng lamp
1. A classic way to use rope lamps is to wrap them around the railings inside and outside your home. A bright staircase is sure to blow your mind at your next party, but it also serves as a handy night light for a midnight trip to the kitchen. Use colorful rope lights to celebrate your favorite vacation, or according to your favorite sports team!

Create DIY kitchen lighting by installing rope lights under cabinets, on walls and on the floor. With very little cost, you can get the fashionable and functional appearance of the professionally installed cabinet lighting! Since rope lights come in dozens of colors, you can change your appearance whenever a mood occurs. We also recommend that you try this technique in your child's bathroom to make the middle bathroom safer and more comfortable.

Cabinet under rope lighting
3. Install the rope lamp on the back of the headboard, TV, etc., to create an amazing backlight effect and create a beautiful glow. This is a simple and elegant way to create some style with lighting at home!

You can also use lights to spell out words and phrases on the walls - it just takes some creativity and supplies, as shown in this tutorial! This look is perfect for children's rooms or special occasions such as weddings or engagement parties.

5. Rope lamp, can be used outdoors! To make your yard stand out from the outdoor festivities, try using ropes to decorate your flower beds to emphasize your beauty. Use rope lights to outline your pool or pier, creating an amazing look that is functional and safe. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, try wrapping lights around tree trunks and branches to add ambience to any outdoor space.

As you can see, the possibilities for creating a beautiful look with rope lamps seem endless. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, year-round or just on vacation, rope lights are the perfect decoration for your home!

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