LED Flat Panel Fixtures at a Discounted Price

One thing about fluorescent lighting in offices is that it seems to be going the way of the dinosaurs. If you've ever worked in an office illuminated by fluorescent flat-panel lamps, you've probably realized that the light they give off never seems to be right, and there's nothing worse than a flickering fluorescent light on your last leg.

Thankfully, the fluorescent light problem is easy to fix -- you can replace your old fluorescent office lighting with a better solution: LED lighting. Our team at Superior Lighting can help you achieve this goal.

Led flat fixture discount price

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What are the advantages of LED flat panel lamps over fluorescent lamps?
LED lighting is more energy efficient than fluorescent lighting
Leds last much longer than fluorescents
Unlike fluorescents, leds do not emit "hard" ultraviolet light
You have more choices about the "type" of LED lighting
Where can I buy LED flat panel lamps at a discount?
LED panel lighting in the classroom

At Superior Lighting, we have a variety of LED flat-panel lamps that you can use to replace existing fluorescent or incandescent lamps. LED lights are suitable for any number of lighting applications, including offices, schools, retail stores, hospitals, restaurants and hotels. Leds last about 50,000 hours, which means you probably don't have to worry about replacing them at all.

Our standard LED ceiling panel lamps come in three sizes: 2 2ft, 2 4ft and 1 4ft. The 2-by-4-foot panels are 50 watts, while the other two are 35 watts. All three have three color temperatures: 3,500K warm white, 4,100K natural white and 5,000K daylight.

Replacing existing fluorescent panels with their LED equivalents is simple, because it is usually "with one, in the other". In general, there is no need to switch the power already used to power existing fluorescent lamps.

Unlike most fluorescent lighting options, leds are fully dimmable. If you want to use this option, you need to install a low voltage dimmer. You can also easily turn off LED lights when they are not needed without waiting for them to "warm up" when they are turned back on, such as fluorescent lights.

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