Benefits of Bollard LED Lights

Make Your Pathway a Little Brighter with OEO

The key to brightening up your area is using a solution that’s proven to provide stronger, longer-lasting, more efficient light. LED Bollard lighting solutions satisfy all three—OEO offers high-quality options that are suitable for Bollard applications. You can use them to illuminate walkways and pathways where typically it’s harder to light. Bollard applications offer a flexible solution to a sticky issue for a lot of facilities. OEO can help you identify the perfect lighting configuration for your unique area so that you’re guaranteed the results that you’re looking for.

Each facility requires lighting that is tailored to the budget, lighting requirements and physical location. Our Bollard landscape lighting solutions are customized to provide you with maximum benefits and to illuminate areas where you have previously encountered darkness and inappropriate lighting. Never settle for inefficient lighting, which increases costs and unnecessarily damages the environment. In this blog post, we outline the relative advantages of Bollard LED lighting. Read on to find out why so many companies trust OEO's lighting needs.

The efficiency of
Compared with traditional lighting, the energy efficiency of lamp posts is improved by 80-90%. By connecting external energy sources, lamp posts provide efficient lighting with low voltage. Say goodbye to expensive energy bills that don't generate much in return - OEO's Bollard LED solution makes your lights brighter and more efficient than ever.

The last thing you should do is to change your light bulb often. LED bulbs last longer, 100 percent for 11 years or 100,000 hours, and 50 percent for 22 years. They also provide better lighting distribution to improve efficiency, and provide frequent switching and instant lighting, with bulbs turning on as soon as they are turned on.

If you rely on lampposts, you can count on them to last even in bad weather. OEO's Bollard LED solution has the best durability because it can withstand normal wear and tear. They remain fully functional in all outdoor hot and cold temperatures, perfect for those wishing to illuminate passageways that can withstand significant changes in weather conditions.

Wouldn't it be nice if the lighting solution you use did bring some benefits to the world around you? With zero uv radiation, minimal infrared and no toxic chemicals such as mercury, OEO's leds offer a more environmentally friendly solution than traditional bulbs.

Use OEO to find the light you are looking for
If you find that the passageway or sidewalk in your area is not bright enough, OEO is ready to help you. Our custom lighting solutions ensure seamless adaptation within your space, providing optimal light quality and superior efficiency.

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