What Are LED GU10 Lights?

If you haven't already heard of LED Lights then you won't have to sit in ignorance for much longer. LED is fast becoming one of the most efficient means of lighting domestic and commercial environments and is set to render the traditional incandescent bulb and even the Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) redundant in a number of years. Why? Because it performs better, lasts longer and is becoming more affordable every day.
A particular example of one of the UK markets leading LED products is the LED GU10. GU10 refers to the bulbs fitting, which is a two-pin twist lock-fitting. These are a variety of mains voltage bulb which achieves a surprisingly high lumen output for their size. What sets LED GU10 Lights apart from traditional halogen bulbs is their efficiency and longevity.
LED GU10 run at a remarkably low wattage. Wattage is a measurement of power consumption and describes exactly how much power a light bulb needs in order to work. Normal halogen bulbs have a wattage of between 40 and 60 watts. CFLs have a wattage anywhere between 9 and 11 watts. LED GU10 on the other hand uses a fraction of these with a tiny wattage of between 3 and 6 watts. What does this mean?
A bulb that uses fewer watts naturally uses less electricity. Electricity is charged on a kilowatt per hour basis from your electrical supplier. Therefore, if your lighting is using less electricity you will be paying much less on a monthly basis for your utility bills. The lighting in home constitutes about 9% of your overall electricity consumption, making it a worthwhile target for energy savings. As LED GU10 Lights use up to 90 per cent less energy than a conventional filament bulb you will lower this figure substantially.
The other important feature of LED GU10 is their life expectancy. LEDs last for a very long time. When compared to a halogen bulb, which runs for about 1,000 hours, and a CFL, which runs for roughly 5,000 hours, the 30,000 - 50,000 hours life span of a LED GU10 is phenomenal. Once again there is money to be saved from this feature of the LED. As you will be replacing your bulbs less frequently you will obviously be spending less money on replacement bulbs. More money back to you.
LED GU10 are designed as direct energy saving replacements for existing halogen bulbs. Because they share the same fitting and are generally the same size they can be swapped straight over, making them an extraordinarily easy way to lower your carbon footprint as well as your electricity bills.

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